Short fuse V - Day 1 [6/12] - Mafia win... Day 1

hi braix

Everyone is town reading me for absolutly no reason

b/c if im wrong twice i’ll just lose all confidence

I think I may have been tunneled on the idea of you being a W here, tbh. As a V I can see you being legit here, as a wolf… yeah.

Not really.

As in, doing this without realizing that you’re putting me in a shitty place.

for better or worse i think your perspective in that post was distinctly villagery alice

wolves super rarely accuse people of taking advantage of the rules and bending the rules to wolfread them
that’s a distinctly villagery accusation
i didn’t want to have my read influenced like this but i’ll take it

statement that’s nai:
i think going against the spirit of the game is something nobody should do
bending / exploiting the rules is exactly that

That’s because Katze is in there.

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hi drybones

It’s day 1 wazzazaza @Wazza

I’m detonating Row now

so yeah i think my mind has changed, although not in the best of circumstances

oh and i’m sorry if i made you feel

BOXED IN :joy_cat:

but really i’m sorry

It has been an hour and they haven’t posted

wait until someone gives an opinion on that slot so the detonation isn’t completely useless

Yeah, I’m sorry, but the situation put me in a very shitty place that I can’t go in-depth on my reads.

No I said if they don’t post in an hour and hour ago they will commit die

i dont like your methods

I don’t understand how they came up with this.

I feel no remorse

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i hope you believe me when i say that i would never use the rules to get someone modkilled
that’s just being an asshole and i don’t want that

irrelevant to my alignment here

because i accused kyo and apparently that makes me partners with evo

I’m gonna do it now