Short fuse V - Day 1 [6/12] - Mafia win... Day 1

i’m known for not bussing my partners when i rand wolf so i probably would’ve picked town had i randed mafia

but don’t take my words for granted because it’s easy to change a “meta” like that

i’ve just realized wazza wasn’t a player

i honestly like this entrance string

I honestly don’t know what I would’ve picked if I could have. I’d be fine with both ig
Wazza is a very talkative host

it feels like a natural thought progress to have
discobot detonate, then the realization it’s actually not such a good idea
looks way worse if drybones is mafia but for now i’m inclined to lean this v

thought process not thought progress

tbf It’s not as bad as me
In WoW:BfA I pretended to be vicki vale (the journalist from batman) and asked him whether or not he smoked.

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and yes i realize it’s a somewhat thin read
hippo come back

For some reason that entire sentence wasn’t formatted
I honestly believe I’m developing some sort of memory loss

why is hippo named hippoyeetus i’ve just noticed and i find it hilarious

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I meant I asked Marshal as Vicki Vale in BfA scumchat whether or not he smoked.
I forgot to add Marshal and scumchat in my sentence even though I remember saying to myself to put that in the sentence

can people start posting pls :heart:

I 100% agree I was gonna vote him too lol reading through thread

Nah I thought out of the first 100 posts evo was by far the wolfiest.

Congrats, you made progress.

You should see uninformed spectator chat.

Votee Voted by Votes
EVO KyoDaz, Vulgard 2/7

among them? yeah i could agree

He put his reads in an annoying over confident way but that’s kyo lol, I agree with both of them

i’m v leaning most of the others so that makes sense
idk about cloned
his first post would normally be somewhat villagery but he plays dumb as wolf in his openings so it’s probably just nai

also your new nickname is glorious and i hope it stays that way

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Marshal is STILL bad at his job.

Day ends at 2020-04-23T00:10:00Z or sooner if a majority is reached.