Short fuse V - Day 1 [6/12] - Mafia win... Day 1

This is actually kind of a villager-y thing to do, tbh. I’d expect a wolf at your experience level to see who has their det before posting in order to plan your strat ahead.

it’s 8 am let me sleep

Then you should understand-

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my wolfplay is overestimated too frequently
i don’t rand wolf frequently enough meaning i can’t practice

Go to sleep, wth


i think kat is asleep
that means i stayed up longer and therefore i am s u p e r i o r

okay goodnight

Vulgard’s always aggressive, the thing is as V then Vulgard goes “Wait, X is wolfy, but then X did Y and is now kind of villagery… but then what about Z?”

He basically just zooms in on a player and tries to solve their alignment as throughly as possible. I felt Vulgard here kind of just… got lazy, I think? With Kyo.

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I see. That’s fair enough.

the thing is i don’t want to tunnel one of like 2 players who made reads early
it’s a bad thing to do so and i didn’t hate his responses so i left him alone
doesn’t mean i won’t come back to him later but for now i’m fine with trying to solve other people
when he’s back in the thread i can tunnel him again if it pleases you

the argument being that if you’re posting reads and posting at all then you’re easier to solve by default and we have so many people who haven’t posted anything substantial yet that my focus is on them unless one of the more vocal players posts something incredibly wolfy

re: my insistence on having italy do something before i blow him up

and by the way if you think that’s my thought process on reads can you show me a place where this pattern took place? i wanna see if you’re correct because i don’t even know

What you do isn’t tunneling.

What I see you do as V is to consider all sorts of possibilities, thoughts, and motivations when deducing a player’s alignment.

We can’t make them post, though, so may as well deal with the current posters.

Compare how you handled Kyo in Clash of Cults to here.

meh like i said i wasn’t really getting anywhere with kyo
i still don’t like your posts

oh god in clash of cults i was more garbage than i am now with way more nonsensical reading methods

…I still want an explanation for it.

That method was still extremely villagery. IIRC you also did that in Poisonous or Marson and I can easily TR you for it.

You called