Short fuse V - Day 1 [6/12] - Mafia win... Day 1


It’s a joke

detonate all the 0 posters
then lose the game

/Detonate @host

@row666 you have an hour to post before I make you go boom

can we synchronize our detonations?

Why are you so for detonating Italy?

i want a double firework

3 reasons

  • i can’t read him for shit
  • he never helps me read him

…I’m having a weird time reading you, tbh.

A lot of your behavior here has been villagery like not bothering with your survival by pushing Kyo, but at the same time your thought process has been rigid and your attitude is very self-centric and even potentially overconfident this match such as not wanting other people to help reading Italy and just blow themselves up, going straight to “Alice is a wolf” because I used another game instead of Poisonous to help me read Appel, or even settling on Kyo being V without much of your thought process going into him.

Like, you’re acting as either a very reckless wolf this match or a very narrow minded villager this match and I’m having a hard time figuring out what it is.

au contraire, i think the variance in my assessments shows that i’m being open-minded here but i guess my own opinion on my play matters little if at all

bottom line is

alice woof woof

kyo maybe wolf

hippo v
appel v
braixen possibly v

rest null

Here’s the thing. You’re basing your entire Alice W read on me trying to intentionally lay the foundations for mislynching Appel.

How do you know Appel is a villager with this level of certainty?

Detonating, whatever.

Case in point, you’re making a pre-flip assumption that Appel will always flip V in this case, and that’s the crux on why you think that I’m a wolf.

i don’t
but i’m reading you wolf and i’m reading her v which feeds my v read on her because you’re pushing her

where did i preflip her
exact quote


Your basis on why I am a wolf fully falls on the idea that I am a wolf intentionally ignoring the villagery aspects of Appel’s play to mislynch.

Why can’t I be either a mistaken villager or Appel a wolf?

because i’m reading appel village and you’re pushing her while ignoring a distinct v thing we both should know

Which is…?

she’s cautious as v and always has been

both can be true
i just don’t think either is the case rn
why are you so concerned?

hell i could’ve already miscleared a wolf but being afraid of reading and pushing doesn’t make fm fun