Short fuse V - Day 1 [6/12] - Mafia win... Day 1

Also here’s where I was further sorting Appel out. I immediately thought Appel was sketchy for their passiveness here and then I wanted to further prod them to see if they were villagery and took stronger stances in the match.

Laying the groundwork to blow up Appel was never my strategy as I wanted a better read on them to decide if I should or not.

what do you infer from appel’s wallpost above

Stop fucking talking about this. How many times do I have to say that I can’t refute nor explain this shit without getting MK’d. You’re effectively putting me in a corner where I am forced to either shut up and be banned from arguing or break the rules and be modkilled.

i’m not???
i didn’t ask you to respond i was explaining my read
you don’t HAVE TO defend yourself here i’m not even pushing you

I have to go to eat now, so that’s all from me now

there’s literally one vote on you and it’s from me
i didn’t ask for a detonation
i didn’t ask for you to be wagoned, i didn’t ask for anything
you don’t have to try so hard to explain yourself here

and by no means do i want you to rulebreak and get modkilled
in fact i discourage it

It’s simple. My read would be extremely clear and logical from a V-PoV if I were allowed to explain it. But since I can’t, then that’s the reason it looks wolfy. That’s why I’ve been pissed this entire time as I’m put in a corner where I can’t refute your arguments and explain my behavior without getting modkilled. Happy now?

i am not trying to get you to explain yourself you don’t have to try so hard to change my read on you why do you care aaaaaaaa
it’s not like i can detonate you

i did hear you the first time and you’re better off not mentioning that again for your own sake

jeez i post a few posts when the game starts and when i wake up bam im scum

i can blow up the person who has your detonator
the problem? i’m gonna have your detonator next (if i do that)
what do you think about that deal

next time i’ll sleep without saying hi

translation: would you rather be at italy’s mercy or my mercy this game

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your mercy tbh


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hey, lets be fair, it took a lot of self control for everyone to not detonate yet, so good job us

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i’ve just realized if everyone detonates at the same time, no one loses the game


Because you keep making arguments such as Appel’s V play. I can refute them, but I’m not able to because of that issue, and it’s seriously pissing me off as I believe there’s a fair chance you’re a wolf intentionally creating a scenario where I can’t refute you without being modkilled.

So yeah, forget about Appel. I have my own reasons to believe why they may be a wolf based on things I can’t mention. I’m not detonating them now, so yeah.