Short fuse V - Day 1 [6/12] - Mafia win... Day 1

but tbh, I think I have your meta so dont worry…yet

You will never find my meta

you may be correct tbh, I can never read maniac mfs

Spell your class backwards

ruoy ssalc

I’m reporting you

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I’m gonna detonate the new guy

If you denote me Im blocking you for 4 more months

you said 4 more months?

Ye I already blocked you for a month because you had a jojo profile

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Brax do I have permission to detonate

Access denied

I don’t know if it’s worth it for the memes

But my god am I tempted

If you denoate im denoting alice


Don’t alice will be pissed lmao

I’m atleast waiting for alice to talk

Then if they say a keyword ill detonate