Short fuse V - Day 1 [6/12] - Mafia win... Day 1

oh you are gonna have a lot of people blocked on this site well maybe not anymore

I know I already have like 15 people on my block list

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I wanna do it

Jojo’s bizzare what ever the fuck is the most boring dumb stupid anime there is on the fucking planet

can I explode you instead
Appelsiini didn’t detonate me within 15 mins and now im sad

I have awoken from my slumber. Timezones are still against me apparently

I wasn’t expecting this kind of a slow start, but this is fine. I’ll be keeping an eye out especially for cloned then.

you should have blown me up when I had the chance :angry:

shit i forgot about this game

…but it appears so has everyone else

The one time I’m only 5 hours late :’)

Anyway, do people actually detonate so early in the game? That seems really stupid, but from what I read people weren’t just memeing when they talked about that stuff

it is quite stupid yes
that’s why we do it

But…But why
I get it’s almost a 50% chance but still
Don’t go around blowing people up

It’s rude

because yes
welcome to forum of lies

Just saying, uninformed spectator chat has x3 your posts.

Speak more.

If only I knew what to talk about
I don’t know how to play early game when it’s hard to make reads

I’m here and I have Vulgard’s detonator
Oh my

Braixen is town, I don’t think he’d threaten to detonate Alice so confidently as Mafia

/vote EVO

This reeks of scum, Braixen + EVO are v/w
Feels like TMI on Braixen’s alignment

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Is that so? I’d see that more as NAI.

Why is that?

oh my god i have italy’s detonator
also i think kyo is reaching conclusions far too quickly and that’s a wolfy trait right there