Short fuse V - Day 1 [6/12] - Mafia win... Day 1

kyo drybones has your detonator
i would feel bad if i were you

Because I see it as saying “if you act scummy AND you’re a villager” which should be quite obvious? Doesn’t seem like TMI

Vulgard you’re scum trying to go against the ‘buddy your detonator holder’ meta

Wow someone voted, jesus took you guys long enough.


EVO I KyoDaz I 1/7

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kyo is actually kidding right now isn’t he
he has 3 reads which sound unflappable when the game has <200 posts
either he’s way overconfident or a wolf
and that’s not me defending evo or some shit i just think he’s reaching conclusions way too early

/vote KyoDaz i forgot voting was a thing in this game

Overconfident? Divinity has never failed me.


i’m self-aware as v shoot again

I only played with Kyo in Ritual Mafia, I don’t really know how he acts as a villager. I should check out some of his V games

If EVO flips scum then Vulgard is 100% scum as well

appel’s tone sounds villagery
thinking she’s v

give me a sec I’m having a good chat with the spectators lol

I detonate Solic, that’s how I play

can you not preflip us in your like 15th post

italy’s entrance is unfortunately nai which means i’m not legally obligated to kill him and that’s disappointing


Votee Voted by Votes
EVO KyoDaz 1/7
KyoDaz Vulgard 1/7

Why are you complaining about me giving reads

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Rather than ask how I came to those conclusions you instead immediately jump to conclusions about me
That’s very ironic, isn’t it

I have kinda high hopes for Vul and EVO because I know they’re really good villagers, so I’ll probably focus a little bit on you two.

Something I noticed from Vul’s W games in that he’s super aggressive and votes like there’s no tomorrow, but I understand and somewhat agree with the logic behind this one. He’s being kind of aggressive again and shading, hmm but there’s nothing that would make me scumread him yet

how am i jumping to a conclusion on you
where did i say you were lock wolf
i’m trying to figure out your alignment and i’m voting you because you seem to be jumping to conclusions super early
actually, answer me this question if you can
what makes you so certain about your reads?