Shortnight - Villager Chat

You have ~24 hours to discuss and vote on a player to shoot.

You can change your vote as many times as you like before 2020-10-30T03:30:00Z

To submit your vote on who you would like to kill, please do /kill [player]

If you would like this discussion to take place in discord, please let me know.


we are shooting arete

agree now, so we can skip night

we have to be unanimous, and arete is obv wolf based on how they posted at the end

AHHHH where are u

I think the other one is Derps

ok but can u agree to shoot arete so we go on with the night

theres no point delaying game

our voice won’t matter after this right?

Yes we cant speak we are dead, we just get to shoot one person if we both agree, so I need u to agree to shoot ARETE

let’s do it

/vote to Kill Arete

/vote to kill Arete

@Chloe and @katze if we both agree to lock our votes, can we skip this

tis is fine, unless Surge is big braining this

he 100% isnt cause look at how arete handled my wallpost

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let’s hope they can get derps

i think its gghana personally

/skip night vote locked on arete

hope this counts as enough of a classcard