Signups for Potential Reviewers

then i did my job


wait where

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/I’m interested

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I’m sorry to inform you, but applications for available reviewer positions are closed as the process of selection has been completed

damn it I really thought I’d get the job

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To make sure things are clear, for the ones that didn’t get accepted as a potential reviewer, you got a message saying just that. We still like to thank you for showing interest in these challenging times. As for who got accepted, we already know you’ve seen one of them in action, but let’s give a formal congratulations to @DatBird and @sulit !

We hope that things will improve with them on the team. Thank you and have a nice day!


was arete already on the team?

if not, why are they reviewing watch your mouth

Because Luxy left his position as a mod, Arete took his place

ok . . .
So All FoL mods are all inately reviewers
and now the only remaining person here lower than mod status on the discord who is a forum mod but not FoL mod is Chloe

but before luxy resigned, arete wasn’t a reviewer

do I have that right?


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Other than the 3rd Judge, Nesnah, but he does not use the forums

this is sort of confusing and the formalities behind it were baffling me for the longest time, but now I think i finally understand

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No, Arete was actually accepted as reviewer together with Dat and Sulit and goes through same process of learning how to review as them.


Wow. Dunno what happened to this thread, but I am somehow enjoying a great drama! :popcorn:

As a bystander, I have 3 questions though:

  1. Is there a list of present and up to date reviewers?
  2. Can somebody please update the OP?
  3. Can we have a “history of when reviewers joined, and when reviewers left”?
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Even me and Ici were in the reviewing team a few years ago lmao

Hm… It seems that my 3rd question is too much then, but the 1st question/wish should be still doable.

Welp. Time to wait for… anyone from the reviewers’ team to respond.

I am currently making a list of forum volunteers, it will be published shortly


Here is a list of all current forum staff/volunteers: