Small_Tank has exploded. They were

I gave up.
Truth to be said, I wanted to just go away.
But considering the number of problems, it would create to people… I think I need to explain this and inform you.

eevee account is blocked (authorization keys deleted).
eevee_bot had all API keys removed.
And this account will go to Derps, as they wanted it.
@SirDerpsAlot password from discord.

Altho I guess tank is also an issue for moderation to handle, as it’s no longer needed to test eevee bot.

@DatBird @Geyde - I edited queue to remove myself and put you in charge of certain games as per previous discussions.

Chapter 1 - small tank engine failure

Well forum… you killed me once.
Look, this tank is not afraid of death. It should stopped working 4 times by now. And by that I mean I was in situation where medically I had 15% or below chance to survive unscratched.

Some of you know I had a stroke last year.
Altho I never gave exact date to not associate it with certain person or event.

Truth to be told night before I was working on raport comparing data from NATO long range bioparticles radars from eastern US and eastern EU, requested by counter bio-terrorism unit leader.
Which is obviously stupid, cause if Covid was bioterrorism, it would start from China and not someone spraying virus in EU and US.

So having some time before delivering the report, I decided to relax on forum for a moment… and was involved in a big drama.
Stressed, tired, with high blood pressure due to drama… you can see where it’s going.
So I fainted in front of a military hospital.

I mean… it’s covid fault.
Working overtime to make sure everything is working was definitely not healthy.
But if I found relax I was searching for on this forum, maybe I wouldn’t fall.

Chapter 2 - patching up the tank

Tank is not an easy thing to fix, right?
So… I staied in the hospital for few weeks.
Hey, I even got a postcard from orange, who wished me to get back to health.

But I also thought about what happened and… I realized that forum is just not as fun as it was.

Don’t misunderstand me, I play mafia for 12 years, both in professional club and over the internet.
I organized events, plaied in international tournaments and tried teaching people. Both irl and over the internet. I did NOT get bored.

But back in the days biggest drama was privatization between Chubby and PKR or Jammy’s rebellious attitude. (Which actually cause big drama).
But like… issues were rate in between and handled.

Now everyone game has few of ad-hominem attacks.
And while most of them are pretty weak… they still hurt people and make worse atmosphere.

It might be me noticing it, as I went through high-end cultural education… which despite being obsolete and mostly non-used and me using an “everyday culture” level… it just put my borders a bit higher when it comes to what is acceptable.

So I did what every other tankist would do.
Chosing different route and not enter forum which nearly killed me
Tried to defuse the mines.

Started small, tried to help people, teach them how to scumread and convince others without need for direct attacks. How to acusse someone’s arguments and actions, not person. And… showing them what’s going on on the forum.

But things got worse.
Someone was adding the powder to mines to give more and more strong explosions.
Murder threats, telling others to kill themself, dramas based on cultural / ethcnical / religious / political differences… you know. Big stuff.

I also hopped actual sapper squad, armed with banhammers will come and defuse the mines.
That happened… rarely.
And you know, there is a polish saying “Don’t touch shit or it will start smelling”.

Somewhere along the way I learnt that reviewers deny certain games, just so theirs favorite can happen faster. That GMs and mods straightforward say they don’t care about rule breaks at games/forum they look after.
That tank is now stuck in middle of minefield and no help or rescue is gonna come.

Many times talk with people, mods, reviewers etc. happened, trying to figure out what to do to help the situation of more and more people just… quitting the site due to toxicity.
Like for example event together with MC where people form MC decided to never play on this site again.
See the problem?

Chapter 3 - Don’t fix tanks if you don’t know how

Well, due to lack of help… I went further and started to make drama out of drama.
More than once placing mods in position where they HAVE TO react.

To be fair, I don’t hold much respect to current moderation, considering corruption around the queue and reviews and decisions.
But it’s about them doing nothing, or doing stuff directly hurtful to community and our reputation, not them personally.

But hearby I would like to apologize for all the dramas caused by me recently.
Altho more than once I was told that no action would be performed otherwise.
More than once no action was performed regardless and it led to weird consequences. Which people apologized that they didn’t react when I asked for it, but… if you cared earlier, it would just not end up catastrophic.

I think our main issue right now is not caring.
Not caring about reviews, games, other people, site etc.

It got to a point where people prefer to gamethrow hammer themselves to get themselfs out of game, even if there are very strong possibilities they wouldn’t die otherwise.
Yeah, I’m talking about NUF.
I won’t be here after this pots, so it doesn’t even matter.

Chapter 4 - Tank explodes

So I gave up.
That’s it.

I gave up with trying to fix this site.
And tbh I gave up somewhere around chapter 3 of this post, with explaining all the things happening along the way, like SFoL 65 and many, many other situations.

I tried.
I failed.

And I leave as this forum is not safe for my health anymore.

Like… I’m tired and I got bigger headache than I had on stroke day due to today’s drama.
But I will be fine, I’m on double dose of emergency pills.

But tank… tank has finally exploded.
And it’s last wish is not to completely stop all the arguments, it’s natural to be angry.
But at least try to target persons decisions and not themself / theirs religion / culture / LGBT stuff.

Bye forum, I loved you. And I put a lot of effort to make sure you keep running.
But we usually love stuff we can’t have, right?

Small_Tank has exploded. They were…


have fun on your travels eevee

hol up
there was drama today?

This means you CANNOT return to the forums no matter what, correct?

We’ll miss you as a reviewer and as a mod



please prioritize your own physical health over a forum

this applies to everyone, but especially you, eevee

you’ve done an absolute ton for the forum over the years, and even though i was only around for some of it, i can see it pretty clearly despite the fractured image


can somebody explain this btw

I’m not sure if I’m in a place to say this, since I haven’t been through anywhere near as much as you, and I’ve only been on these forums for a few months
Whatever you do in the future, I hope you find a new place to relax

well then goodbye

your priorities are misplaced i believe



I mean the whole story is right there

Ill miss you eevee

ill still bother you on discord tho so its okay


Hope you’ll still dm me at times.

See ya later eevee, it was nice knowing you

I remember my second game on this site you carried my sick rear end

Eevee is fun to play with tho

this is a sad day why cant we all just be nice


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I’m in the discord and I don’t even know the drama (maybe I need to check it more)

I dont knw most of it

I have a couple bits and pieces

I saw a lot of the drama second-hand from eevee but didn’t leak it at his request

He clearly doesn’t care now so I’m going to try to address my qualms with the moderation because I do feel like there are some unaddressed issues with it, but now isn’t the time or place to do that.