Sonic the Heghog FM - (game over lol)

Sonic the Heghog FM


  • Breaking any MU rules in this subforum will be considered a rulebreak on FoL.
  • People who are sign-up blacklisted on FoL may not join games in this subforum.


  • SOD/EOD: 11 AM EST
  • Phase Lengths: 48/24
  • Minimum Posting Requirement (per phase): 15
  • Execution: Majority (starting D2) + Plurality (no vote is valid option)
  • Factional: Factional kills are compulsive. If mafia does not choose a player to factional, it will be randed amongst living non-mafia players. The factional kill is assigned.


  • Closed
  • Modbot-Supported Roles & Modifiers
  • Anything that’s achievable through automatic modbot may be in the setup.
  • Linked thread has all necessary role information so that you can get an idea of what’s up.


  1. SirDerpsAlot
  2. WindwardAway
  3. Marluxion
  4. Tilgarial
  5. GGhana
  6. sulit
  7. lol
  8. WazzaAzza
  9. Chloe
  10. min
  11. an_gorta_pratai
  12. Marshal
  13. TrustworthyLiberal


  1. ATNoName


  1. Jane
  2. Icibalus
  3. Arete
  4. astand
  5. Mistyx
  6. DatBird
  7. Nightingale
  8. KyoDaz
  9. EliThePsycho
  10. that one bird from new york city
  11. nutella

Wisdom of the mod will be used in this game, if deemed necessary. We wish to ensure that the game is healthy, while also introducing multiple players to the new website. All decisions are final.

This game will be ran on the FoL subforum on Mafia Universe.

As such, a short tutorial on creating an account on Mafia Universe will be provided.

Step 1: Go to the Mafia Universe website.
Step 2: Click the “register” button in the top right. (or click this, if you’re a cheater)
Step 3: Fill in the stuff. Most of it is pretty basic, although I do bear knowledge censored elsewhere.



That’s it!

You can go your preferences to edit a bunch of stuff, including your pronouns, the pride flag next to your name, and your avatar! Keep in mind your signature won’t show during games. There’s also some useful settings on the general settings page, if you’re used to the lack of pages on FoL, you might want to turn your posts per page up! You can additionally turn the profanity filter on/off, and add custom words to it!

My final tip to you is to scroll down to the bottom of the page. On the left, you should see a drop-down menu, allowing you to change the website theme. If you’re a Dark Mode user here, then Midnight should feel right at home for you, but there’s a large selection of themes to pick from! Bewitched is definitely the best one, but y’know. As long as you don’t use V A P O R W A V E, like some people.

More forbidden knowledge

This isn’t a tip, as much as it is a rite of passage: if you’d like to post :joy_cat: on MU, press winkey + ., and find the emote there (you can also type to search), although I do warn that it isn’t quite the same…

oh no.





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Mafoa Unoverse

/spectate cause reviewer

oh i forgot to put this in the OP

important read this

  • Breaking any MU rules in this subforum will be considered a rulebreak on FoL.
  • People who are sign-up blacklisted on FoL may not join games in this subforum.

Hm. Welp. That isn’t covering my problem.

/backout because I am banned there

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/reviewer who only shows up after the setup is already running to punish your hubris (or i guess informed spectator)

would like to join but i had a conversation with geyde that gives me a small amount of OOG on the setup, and i wouldn’t like to use it

/informed spectate


also optimally if i don’t already know your MU account please say it in your in message or whatever/dm it to me, since ill need it to rand

or if you don’t want to play on the account i already know

Guess my MU account


Fuck it’s becoming self aware

Can you give anything about overall setup power, or nothing revealed at all

wait are we supposed to /in here or /in on MU?


the game will be ran on MU but signups are here

in hindsight i can see why this is confusing

Pretty sure “closed” means “no info”.
After all, that’s what I’ve been doing for all my closed setup games.

ok lol

/in I go…

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