[Special, MU] Didney Worl Mafia [19/19]

Didney Worl Mafia


Hosted by @GGhana and @Katze


  • Follow the Global Forum/Discord/Game/Meta Rules - Please Read First, the Official Forum Mafia and Forum of Lies Rules, Forum Rules, and Partner Community Guidelines . Please make sure you have enough time for this game before you sign up.
  • Alts are allowed, you may make one on Mafia Universe, if you are making an alt you must inform the hosts, you cannot make an alt to join this game if you are banned/signup blacklisted from Forum of Lies or Mafia Universe.
  • You are not allowed to blame Katze for bad flavor. Blame GGhana instead
  • Signups will be held in this thread and on Mafia Universe, the game itself will be on Mafia Universe . It is REQUIRED to have an MU account to signup for this game.
  • Discord is required to sign up for this game.
  • Breaking any MU rules in this subforum will be considered a rulebreak on FoL.
  • People who are sign-up blacklisted on FoL may not join games in this subforum.


  • SOD/EOD: Noon EST
  • Phase Lengths: 48/24
  • Minimum Posting Requirement (per phase): 15
  • Execution: Majority (starting D2) + Plurality. No vote is a valid vote, however the execution cannot be skipped twice in a row. Tied executions will be decided randomly.
  • Factional: Factional kills are optional. The factional kill cannot be skipped twice in a row. The factional kill is assigned.


  • Closed
  • There are guaranteed to be two factions. The uninformed majority called Town and an informed minority called Disney . Other factions and third parties may exist. Lost wolves may exist. Your rolecard will not lie about your alignment, flips cannot be altered. However flips may be janitored.
  • This is a role madness setup. There are no ITAs.
  • Flavour is not alignment indicative, and any flavour outside of Role pms is not alignment or role indicative, try to flavour solve at your own risk.

Action Order:

Passives/Triggered Effects (as appropriate)
Strongman Killing
Absorbing actions
Copying actions
Bus Driving
Stylized Roleblocking (e.g. Jailkeeping)
Stylized Doctors (e.g. Bodyguard)
Player Investigative
Action Investigative

If two roleblockers target each other then both will fail their night actions.


  1. Mistyx
  2. Twice Shrunk
  4. mpatching
  5. Phraze
  6. Marluxion
  7. zoisite
  8. Butterscotch Sundae
  9. Arete
  10. Chandelure
  11. ~b100ming~
  12. PsychoKang
  13. Mewtini
  14. God_Emperor
  15. iaafr
  16. Rokon
  17. marry
  18. Boquise
  19. neopest





Wisdom of the mod will be used in this game, if deemed necessary. We wish to ensure that the game is healthy, while also introducing multiple players to Forum of Lies. All decisions are final.

Mafia Universe signup thread here.

/uninformed spec @GGhana not bothering to login MU


/uninformed spec

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/Uninformed pls

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/unform spec

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fuck disney
that is all


/informed spec


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you are now locked in the playerlist with no chance of outting


Roll an Alignment Sub The Fuck Out


/uninformed spec please

ew pages

Oh my god, don’t panic it’s happening

/uninformed spec

The sheer number of /specs is a bruh moment.
I say as I don’t /in myself… but I realistically can’t play. I’m going abroad in two weeks, and I’m also undergoing a surgery today.

So, despite going on record saying I’d /in to MU-held games, I ought to skip this one.


good luck on your surgery vul-lord

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/uninformed spectator

im calling you out

specifically you marl


(also gl on the surgery vul!!!)

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Shoulda just hosted on this site

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(i dont think she site is the problem, the only reason i’m thinking about maybe inning is because it’s on MU :joy_cat: )

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