[Standard] WoW:BfA v2 - Alliance Victory (2/16)

Fine… I don’t think I’m gonna get much more out of Frankie

slight V
CRichard - i mean the tonal reads are correct, crich does have a decent tone and i think what they’ve said so far more likely comes from a V!CRich. A W!CRich feels… less jumpy towards analysis and they are more jumpy towards analysis (I don’t think a W!CRich would have lingered on how I was “paranoid about being pocketed”)
Frankie - Yes, I was RTing them. The “!” wasn’t a legitimate read and their response felt genuine. I’m convinced that the “!” is part of their regular speech (though I pretended not to believe it) and their frustration seems genuine. I don’t think their posts actually pinged me as W.

slight W

Alice - You’ve literally told me that you typically like to pocket players like CRich/Leafia and I think your read on CRich was a bit premature. I also don’t like the approach you’ve taken to shading me.

Sorry. The first one for Alice was a joke.

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Leafia did you finally get a town game on this site?

i have the greatest advantage of all in this game

near infinite likes

…you’re TR’ing them for the same reason I was doing. How is that a pocket?

Yup. Feels nice too. Now I get to figure out who the groupscum is alongside the other villagers.

i woulda made a guess but i felt lazy and didn’t wanna check lol

What did you hope to get out of the RT? Like obviously it wasn’t a real read, because if it was it would be idiotic, but what response were you hoping to get from scum.


why did you pick that specific reasoning of mine to reply to

reply to the whole damn thing boi

Good question App.

Leafia pocketing me already :eyes:

Hey Leafia, any lessons learned on how not to cause the game to be re randed again?

you literally made a read onto them like 2-3 posts in - I’m not gonna dwell much into it but it is a possble pocket attempt for sure especailly considering they have only posted a little bit. Also wolves can have the same reason for “townreading” someone

Yeah. Don’t say anything after getting my rolecard.

I think you’re lying.

Good idea.

Maybe I am. Maybe I’m not. Tries sneaking out with you in my pocket while whistling innocently

My post here was that he looks tonally fine, not that I was calling him town.



y u ignor mi

Feels hurt they’re being ignored. Not sure if this is AI or not :thinking: .