Stated time of ban has expired, but I'm still banned

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What happened:

I was banned exactly 1 year ago today. I used to be pretty flagrant in my offenses and take full responsibility. After a year of not playing I just want to get back in and play the game again. I’m fully rehabilitated and ready to be an upstanding member of the game. Apologies for my earlier transgressions. It said my ban was up TODAY: 8/9/19, but it seems to be that I’m still banned.

What was SUPPOSED to happen:

My 1 year ban would be up after the stated time.

Thanks in advance for your time.

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Our old system was not very sophisticated: It seems you received a “permaban” that was being displayed as a 1-year on the 8th disciplinary action received. Any suspension above 30 days is permanent.

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That’s a shame, my friends were looking forward to playing with me again. Any chance at redemption?

Is this you?




Yep. That’s me. Reflected over the last year and will not act like that anymore. If its too far gone then it is what it is.

Seems like a legit response. Okay, you’re unbanned, @poopmaster