Step 2 - Make a public game review

Step number one, create a poll:

Do you want to play mountainous 20er?
  • Yes
  • No

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Step 2 - Rig it so it has negative results

Strep 3 - Challange hosts to improve results or game gets denied.


Seriously speaking, big moutnainous can last till like day 10.
It can be VERY long game.

I’m not convinced there will be enough people willing to take long game which focuses only on reading.
Hence market reaserch requierment.

I would vote yes if this were a 21p

My issue isn’t the size, it’s the fact that there’s an even playercount

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so would you vote yes if it were a 3p

Would I be suffering during most of these games? Probably.
Would I enjoy it? Yes

@CRichard564 @WindwardAway @KyoDaz

The review starts now.

You got 3 days.
If you get 20 people to vote yes, the game will pass review.
As well as gain big amount of people who express interest in playimg this game.
All encouraging is meant to be done in this thread.

Votes from you 3 as well as alts will not count towards this review.

Time starts now.


I’m not actually playing it though, so I guess my vote doesn’t count

See @thepigeonnyc , I will be convincing you to vote no then, cause you are basicly lying at the pool rn.

This 3s task is to actually interest you in theirs game.

I simply hate Mountainous, so that’s a no from me.

Can I change my vote

Yes, that’s the point.

But… do you really want to plai mountainous whuch can last 10 days?

only if we use the entrustment mechanic from my among us FM

I’m thinking of allowing ITAs in this setup upon second thought.
As having only one day elimination + night kill does make the game rather long and people have real lives.

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Oh by the way, the setup is now 19p rather than 20p.
So anyone who doesn’t like even numbered setups, be happy that has been changed.

also, there are 3 scum in a 15er, right?

I need to practice my reads and dont want lolmech to distract me

Mostly just wanna play mountanous tbh tbh

It’s 4 for this setup.
Also I’m thinking 15% chance of ITA hit is reasonable for this setup.

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@EliThePsycho please stay on topic of current setup, Arete has enough deleting already.

@Arete your wish for an odd numbered setup has been answered.