Suspended for 30 days

What happened: Logged on to TOL to play and was met with a message that I was suspended for “Ban Evasion + You were suspended for using the word “fag” 3 days ago”.

I’m actually very confused. I don’t ever remember trying to evade a ban or calling someone else a “fag”. I really believe that there was a mistake in my ban. Also, the account name is DetectiveDeadpool. I don’t actually remember doing anything that the ban accused me of.

The reason I’m confused: I just don’t call people a “fag”. Sure I get frustrated and call people dumb but I don’t go any further. Also with the ban evasion thing, idk what i did.

Since you haven’t gotten a response yet, you may want to try getting in contact with the mods on Discord:

They’re generally very active over there


Looks like you were mistakenly caught by the system as an alt. Might be a result of using a vpn. Users have reported it happens a lot with vpn in Universities (don’t play at school, I guess). Locking the topic since Rezid has unbanned you.