Telepathy should be removed

I think telepathy should be removed. Telepathy’s purpose is to reveal information to the court without outing yourself, but most of the time it’s just used in the same vein as Noble Twin (telepathy to confirm you’re Mystic), it’s the only true dayconfirm left after Pretender and Noble Twin were removed. Mystic is eventually going to be outed even if they use Telepathy to reveal information anonymously due to the claim train meta, and outing yourself as Mystic isn’t really even that big of a deal as opposed to outing as a powerful invest/offensive.

Mystic should be fakeable. Yes, I know it’s a meme to fake claim Mystic, but it should be within the realm of reasonable possibility. I understand that social classes are supposed to be confirmable, but at least Possessor/Apostle have force vote and you can also get a fellow scum to fake being forced for you. You can’t fake a Telepathy.

Mystic is very easy to confirm at night with links/conduits, and with the current claims meta Telepathy serves very little purpose.

I believe giving Illusionist/Apostle limited use trollboxes may be the best alternative to Telepathy on those classes, but I don’t believe that Mystic requires any alternative day ability.

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Telepathy is either:

  1. Useless, but has no reason to not exist since Link Prince Meta destroys fake claiming Mystic
  2. Allows fake claiming Mystic, as illusionist and apostle can potentially use it for faking.

Does this even fix any problems of mystic?

I oppose removing Telepathy because it’s just too fun. If forced to claim as Mystic I’ll claim something else instead. That way I can publish information via Telepathy without being targeted. And if challenged you can always prove yourself later.

And since Apostle has Telepathy also, the real problem is with Link Minds / Conduit, not Telepathy.

i think infinite souls reaper is fun should we keep that

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Give mystic trollbox, but I’m not joking

No one seems to get that Telepathy is harmless.

It’s almost as if that post was a joke

And also satire

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