Templar & King Revamp & Butler Revamp


Has a single night ability that works exactly like Defile except instead of defiling the target:

  • If he selects their class, he attacks them
  • If he selects the wrong class, he suicides
  • Is infinite use and usable N1

Advantages over Coldsteel:

  • Can’t kill Blue Dragon
  • Can’t confirm Blue Dragon

I did post this once before long ago. Of course Blue Dragon classes aren’t selectable.

King v4.34.7 Beta

Night ability that replaces Allies on Evil King and Safeguard on Good King:


Allow private whispers between yourself and the target player tomorrow with the /c command.

Benefit of replacing Allies on Evil King:

  • In the endgame Blue Dragon can claim Unseen to confuse Evil King. You can’t do this currently because he already knows who his allies are.

Butler Rework

Replace Poison Wine with Poison Wine, which kills the Butler without harming the King.

The info for this ability will not change so that Butlers will eventually learn through trial and error that clicking this button isn’t going to hurt anyone but themselves.

If they don’t learn by the 13th use of Poison Wine the window closes and Throne of Lies uninstalls itself from their machine then bluescreens their computer permanenly.

Haha funni
I laugh

is the templar bd or unseen(I know converted pally used to be templar but unseen/pally no longer in the same game)
also 1 abil is probably a bit too little

I am very much against sg be changed on gk
ek I could go more either way but it should be the same as gk so

I predict a mod will come in and say “Please make it clear in the title that this is a joke suggestion”

Please make it clear in the title that this is a joke suggestion

im gay so im basically a mod


I am very much against sg be changed on gk

Well this secret whisper ability can’t just be on EK, else it would be an easy confirm if he wants to prove to the Unseen that he’s Evil.

is it a joke suggestion i cant tell helpppppppppppppppp ;(