Text/ UI element resizing?

The game has click-and-drag and encourages having multiple elements up at the same time, but it’d be much better if those elements were resizable to some extent. On a 1080p display I should be able to see 3x-4x the text in the chatbox, hell, the chatbox should be the height of my screen because of the speed at which it goes and the different info sources with no real way to filter them. Whispers get their own tab in the filters, but not my own abilities (which are lumped in with votes and such in ‘system’)?

This would make it more likely I’d use the personal notes for private purposes like maintaining a few variations of fake logs or otherwise keeping track of things, because with the current setup it obscures everything else if I try to use it, and we all know how valuable time is when every match is packed full of shorthand.

I could actually write down claims day 1 if the journal was .75x or .5x instead of obscuring most of the screen and anything happening in the center like execution votes or king votes.

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The chat is already resizable though

having a resizable journal would be cool

ill throw it into #feedback-qol in the discord if you want