The Albatross (Neutral Social Class)

Neutral Social

Occasionally Spawns IN PLACE OF the Fool. The two cannot spawn together.

Passive: From Hell’s Heart - If the Albatross is executed on the stand, either the first accusation, the last accusation, the first exe vote, or the last exe vote will have their abilities affected by “Delusions”. Delusions falsifies all feedback from abilities. For example, if an assassin kills a player, they will be informed that the player was death immune, even though the player still dies. If the phys heals a player, they will be told they were redirected to themselves, though the character will be healed. Investigatives will find BD suspicious. The Prince, the Mastermind, the CL, and the Mystic are immune. This ability will also effect anyone who kills the Albatross at night.

Passive: Thick Skinned - The Albatross is immune to bleed.

Day Ability - Deciever - Disguise yourself as any class. This ability persists until the next day. You cannot choose the same class the next day. 3 uses

Night Ability: Implicate - Frame yourself, making you appear suspicious to investigative classes.

This class is meant to reduce mechanical confirmations, while still giving enough clues to the affected player that they can figure out they’ve been deluded. As it stands, most offensive players or supports will probably be able to figure it out in 1-2 days. If needed, delusions feedback can be expanded in order to increase this (in the assassin example, he would get a DI notification the first time, and an occupied notification the next).

Just to be clear, ALL abilities still work just as advertised, it is only the feedbacks that are affected.

Uhh so what’s the falsified version of Pronce axe feedback?

Prince is immune. As is MM, CL, and Mystic.

this shouldn’t effect people who kill it at night imo

mostly because it effectively does nothing since people killing this at night will know if their feedback is incorrect 9/10 times but it also just makes little sense

if it’s supposed to be an alternative fool why does it punish disposing of it at night when thats how you handle fools

unnecessary and makes the class unnecessarily hard to rid of

actually don’t hate this tbh


i don’t like frame on fool but i know why it exists

thats how i feel about this

what is the classes wincon

is it fool wincon?

if so then meh, i dislike current fool quite a bit so ill be biased against this :wink:

i don’t actually hate the punishment of day-exeing this though, since you likely don’t know you did it

id say maybe make this less uses so it’s harder to successfully pull off as 3 days means you can do it D2/D3/D4 and have uptime for quite a bit of the game

making it 2 or even 1 uses makes the false flip a bit harder to pull off, which makes them rarer and thus more satisfying and generally more rewarding as they’ll catch people off guard

tldr: i don’t know what the wincon is so i don’t know

but i think i like it more than current fool minus a few things

Win con is to get killed on the stand, much like the fool. It could maybe be altered if need be to fit the game better.

It has a different effect from fool because it’s different from fool, and it’s meant to make people less sure of their feedback and accusations, and inject a bit of solvable chaos.

The prince can still jailaxe it with no penalty. Others are free to kill it at night. If they’ve managed to deduce it as an albatross rather than fool, then they can compensate for the delusions from the start.

I could see lowering the number of uses, but I don’t think it should drop below 2.

As for bleed, it can certainly be changed. I feel like this character SHOULD be a little harder to get rid of than fool, but bleed immune does two other things: one, give them an extra way to tempt exes, by claiming bleed but not dying. It also lacks fool’s ability to hide from death at night. Two, it gives courts paying attention a clue. What smells like a fool, but doesn’t bleed out? This guy.

fair point

didnt really think about that writing critques at 6AM may not be optimal

i still kinda dislike it (bleeding Fools is a safe and mostly inexpensive way to rid of them as a Hunter) but it makes more sense in that context