The Alice Alignment Push Test

So while playing a game with @Arete they brought up my meta when it comes to pushes and I decided to check out a few past games where I mislynched/tried to mislynch villagers as both alignments. Here are posts from each day where I pushed lynches on villas, by mistake as V and intentionally as W.

Here’s a challenge for ya, read each of these statements and try to guess whether they come from V!Me who mistakenly wolfread villager X or W!Me who’s trying to push villager X for a mislynch.

  1. “Hmmm, looks like she’s at the point where she can make genuine-sounding reads as a wolf but can’t fake a progression on them.”

  2. “Can we just yeet X today? I seen no reason why not do it today since nobody has any idea for an alternative lynch.”

  3. “On one hand at least both your claims look to be corroborating each other so I don’t think either of you are faking it. On the other…”

  4. “I’m basically full on the X lynch as his perspective has repeatedly shown that he does have TMI in this case.”

  5. X/Y have basically been useless, tbh. Would go X>Y being that X just keeps posting excuses why he hasn’t made any analysis while Y’s first inquiry into Z felt kind of villagery.

  6. “I frankly want to lynch X rn being that he looks extremely detached from the game considering that he’s just floating around at an EoD when we’re at XYLO-1.“

  7. “I meant I was hesitating earlier on her because on this site villas do dumb shit like write LAMIST clusterfucks or try to negate town reads for no reason. I just don’t think her read on W/Y/Z is ever genuine.”

  8. “X looks frozen as hell. Kind of wanting Y/X wagons as Z actually dealt with pressure relatively well.”

  9. “Actually, X wolf/Y village makes the most sense in respect to the gamestate with Z taking his vote off Y. She should be the day’s lynch unless she claims [PR].”

  10. “X’s read on me distancing from Y was tbh pretty bad and artificial. I was repeatedly townreading Y and she doesn’t further elaborate than this. Also of course I’m going to have bland posts at the SoD as I have trouble creating content from nothing.”

  11. “Thinking it may be just X by now being that there really isn’t any reason not to clear Y here unless they want to do it solely to expand the PoE.”

  12. “It should be obvious that this post is ridiculously performative.”

  13. “…that’s follow-up. The point is that I’m suspecting x as he hasn’t really done anything read-wise and spent much of the time theorizing about classes and trying to role-fish. Him making these odd deductions on Y is basically just another reason why I’m suspicious of him.”


Also this is good exercise to improve your townplay.


What if I don’t know anything about you.

Do you want explanations or just answers?

they’re all V/V


They’re all from LWs

Either way works.

Also don’t look up my games for it as that’s cheating. =/

i didn't think very hard im too tired to think
  1. you’re a wolf
  2. you’re a villager
  3. you’re a villager
  4. you’re a wolf
  5. you’re the opposite alignment of player Y
  6. you’re a villager
  7. you’re a villager
  8. you’re a wolf (and so is Z, probably)
  9. im 99% sure i know which game this is from so im not answering
  10. you’re a wolf
  11. you’re a villager
  12. you’re a wolf
  13. you’re a villager
My guesses
  1. Mafia
  2. town
  3. Mafia
  4. town
  5. Mafia
  6. town
  7. town
  8. town
  9. Mafia
  10. Mafia
  11. town
  12. town
  13. Mafia

disclaimer that while I didn’t look any of these up I may have been in and/or read through the games, although I didn’t specifically remember any of the quotes


I basically just guessed the ones where you were projecting confidence as village games and the ones where you weren’t as much as wolf games, I ended up with an 8/5 villa/wolf split which isn’t too unrealistic for what I can imagine you putting on the quiz

Alice in thirty seconds: ‘Arete one of those quotes was literally from the game that just ended and you somehow got it wrong’


All wolves(you dont make mislynches as villa)


Katze got 4/13
Arete got 9/13


katze built different

better than kat :nerd_face:


I kinda want @Marshal @Marluxion and @Vulgard to take this test before putting out the answer key, tbfh.

Also you put down the post where I was pushing for your ML in one of my wolfgames as town. :^)

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update: I can’t count

Still getting 9/13 of them is pretty good.

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I beat a dice-throwing monkey \o/

(to be clear that’s slang for ‘someone guessing literally at random,’ I’m not calling kat a monkey)