The Arachne [Neutral Killer]

The Arachne
Neutral Killer

Cocoon Retreat: If you would die, heal yourself and transform into a Cocoon for one day. In this state you are unable to accuse anyone and use your day abilities.
Arachnid Gaze: You will be told the classes of all players that visit you.

Marionette Strings (2 use): Force a player to accuse another and prevent them from further voting.
Spider Toxin (2 use): Poison a player with a deadly toxin. It will end their life bypassing death immunity the next time they fail to perform a night action. Can be healed on the night of the attack.

Deadly Fangs (inf use): Attack a player. Gain 1 use of Lay Webs if you kill someone this way.
Lay Webs (1 use): Occupy your target and everyone visiting you tonight. You will be intensified while performing this action. (Max 2 use)

Goal: Do the thing yo

Goal: Do the thing yo

everyone vote to prove youre not the arachne

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If only everyone was this coordinated when performing a Reaper check.
Aka, non issue.

voting is easier than getting everyone to type

i’ve actually seen “pard to prove youre not reaped” actually work

so yes it is an issue

plus confirming a player isnt reaped isnt a disaster for the reaper

if the arachne cant vote they are outed

therefore if they fail the check they lose

i disagree because in reapers case you can also vote

ive seen several cases of a quiet player being suspected of being reaped but they vote to pardon/execute

although by “unable to vote” do you mean specifically unable to accuse or even unable to pardon/exe?

I don’t believe that the voting penalty is an issue on this class, since such a roundabout way of accusing her would only be caused by an evil source after attacking her. Since evils have the knowledge of that player most likely being the NK, they can have better ways of accusation than trying to “Arachne check”.

Edit: A Knight hitting an Arachne would just push on her normally because he didn’t suicide.

I believe my idea was both originally. However now that I think of it, it should only prevent accusations. Edited to reflect this.

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wait are you saying you disagree while agreeing with what i said

voting pardon/execute

that’s slightly better

i think it’s probably playable now

i disagreed with you, reread the classcard, then realized that you were right


although i dont see what the point behind not being able to vote is at all really

Can’t really point your finger from inside a cocoon, right?
Also balance /shrug

but what does it balance

idk if i see someone in a cocoon i think id notice that

kinda sus

unironically could have the class be framed while in a cocoon :^)

The frame, it does nothing (thanks to ability order)

“turn into a cocoon for the next day and night, you will appear framed at night” or something

it’s not a big deal itd just be neat :joy_cat:

my actual take on the NK is “it’s neat and inherently makes occupies less of a hardconfirm”

You will be intensified while performing this action.

not sure if this is more or less confusing than

You will be immune to occupation and redirection while performing this action.

No I mean

Why can’t they just not use their day abilities

Why do we have to force them to not vote