The Artisan [BD Support] and The Tinker [Unseen Support]

The Artisan

Blue Dragon Support

Bastard Child: You have Royal Blood. During elections for a new King, votes for you count twice. Passive kept on class change.
Competition: Handicraft will fail on players that were visited by another Artisan or Tinker the same night or the one before.

Tools of the Trade (2 use): Handicraft will also apply its buff to yourself tonight. Ability refunded if Handicraft fails.

Handicraft (inf use): Buff a player based on their class group. Cannot target the same player twice in a row.

Killer or Offensive - Occupy all visitors.
Support or Social - Grant death immunity.
Special or Investigative - Abilities will bypass occupation, redirection or imprison.

Masterwork (1 use): Buff a player with all possible Handicraft outcomes. They will keep that buff until someone tries to visit them.

The Tinker

Unseen Support

Bastard Child: You have Royal Blood. During elections for a new King, votes for you count twice. Passive kept on class change.

Mend (3 use): Buff the Unseen based on your targets class group. Cannot grant the same buff twice in a row.

Killer or Offensive: The Unseen will bypass occupation, redirection and imprison.
Support or Social: The Assassin’s attack will bypass healing tonight.
Special or Investigative: The Unseen will appear not suspicious to investigative abilities tonight.

Magnum Opus (1 use): All players will appear framed tonight.


the aristan and merc be out here tag teaming with the prince

can this be the same night Masterwork was used?

i mean this is probably necessary in some form to keep the class balanced™️ but it also hardconfirms a second artisan existing because feedback™️

and also this being refunded would also be a confirm™️ without feedback™️

but kape this is a paradox because it’d occupy themselves

heal but better™️

inq stab+converts in jail

also all 3 of these effects are very confirmable

so what if we took dark dimension/dark wisp and gave it to a convert who could also strengthen the assassin

and also gave them a “frame everybody” button

the class is cool but i think it’s simultaneously really powerful and too easy to confirm

fakeclaiming this class when one already exists becomes a nightmare because they can essentially masonize eachother by having their abilities fail due to their passive

also why bastard child just a named royal blood

uses TotT
goes to Prince
poacher tries to occ Aritsan

uses TotT
goes to Prince
gets redirected by CW tornado to another k/o

do they actually get redirected

I have 0 quarrels about the class aside from occ/red immunity should probably be a thing

Your abilities trigger after redirection and occupation happens.
Or we do a CW and nobody knows when they happen. Also a possibility.


I wasn’t really thinking of fail as in “shit, your ability broke” but more of a… nothing happened.
Obviously you could assume it failed because of a second Artisan, but it also could’ve been due to a fake claim.


heal protects from bleeds + Sorc bombs

DI protects from Poss jumps + Reaper

which is better is circumstantial

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in that case

this still exists

isnt k/o directly better then s/s

I mean particularly for prince because other killers are probably getting investigated but if you have a confirmed knight their now death/convert immune every other night

heal but usually better™️

Occ immune killers, detonation, framing self as Sellsword.
Now imagine you accidentally use Handicraft on the Assassin and no invest can check him.

occ immune killers exist (usually they’re invoker>CLs but still)

Think it shouldn’t refund itself then?

the refund is a hardconfirm

so if the ability failing is silent, the refund should not happen

Kape-kun did I tell you that you make the best classes :^)
Now replace CW with this and we are golden.

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