The Chef [BD Support] and The Confit [Unseen Support]

The Chef [BD Support]

Night Abilities:
Master Cooking (inf): Target will get a boost depending on their class type. Selecting yourself will give you a charge of Feast! Anyone who visits you while you use Master Cooking on yourself, will smell a heavenly scent. (told by a notification)
Feast! (2 uses): Heals your target and their visitors. You will know how many people were attacked and healed.

Master Cooking Buffs (W.I.P.):
K/O: Becomes immune to bleeding and silence for a day.
S/S: Becomes Occ Immune.
Invest: Can bypass jail.

The Confit [Unseen Support]

Night Abilities:
Personal Touch (3 uses): You will kill the target instead of the Assassin, via a poisoned meal. This meal bypasses Physician’s and Alchemist’s heal and Chronomancer’s Time Warp. Targets guarded by the Knight won’t die (you will!) and Death Immune Targets. Everyone who visits you will smell a heavenly scent.
Frame Patron (2 uses): If your target is executed the next day, they will appear as the selected class.

NOTE: I plan to change Master Cooking into something more creative then old CW empower, just seems like a good idea.

Questions: This is my first time making a role so I just want to see any suggestions saying if it’s good or bad. Also, does anyone have better boosts for Master Cooking? Also, I can’t really come up with a good name that sticks for the Confit. Confit sticks, but its origin is weird. Means cooking something in its own fat idk. Hope you guys like lol :slight_smile:


So it’s Physician and Court Wizard?

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yeah, basically

Too Similar to Court Wizard.

Mega-Night Heal would be unbalanced for a Prince target. Additionally, learns how many people were attacked and healed just feels unbalanced to me.

Once again, all these are far too similar to Court Wizard.

This feels fine apart from the obvious confirmation that they are the Chef/Confit. This wouldn’t be on a Cult Class giving it easy confirmation that it’s been converted to the Cult. Also, 3 uses for an ability this good is a bit much if you ask me.

Yeah ok, this is cool.

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i guess its similar to CW, also feast could be OP pronce target maybe i should put some restriction on it idk. For the comments about personal touch i gave it 3 charges since its just a worse version of frenzy, but i could change that. i don’t really get what you mean about cult, can you elaborate?

Cult classes on ToL are completely different to the old class variation. Meaning you, more than likely, wouldn’t have the ability that gave you a scent. If players didn’t see that on you when on a night that they’re going to confirm you then they’re going to know, if it’s a Cult Game, you’re probably Cult.

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i guess you’re right, but this is the same for many roles. illusionist is the best one i can think of (not cult but a good example). also if you get converted BEFORE claiming chef you could probably get away with something like chrono.

Yeah I suppose that’s right, anyway, good luck with making classes, I’ve not seen someone make classes in a long time :+1:

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:smiley: thanks!

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Sad Kape noises


I meant new person, nerd, your classes cheat because you’re a mod >:(

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What about if I made a class?

Then I’ll comment on it

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Remakes Pretender



I liked pretender because my sister liked it.