The Explorer (Blue Dragon Support) and The Cartographer (Unseen Support)

The Explorer [BD Support]

Telescope (Day) - Scout someone out with your telescope. Any day abilities used (except Imprison) on them will be used on you instead. - 1 use
New Treasures (Night) - “Explore and claim” another person’s belongings, making all positive and negative effects that happens on them, happens on both of you. You are immune to any occupation abilities when using this ability. - Infinite uses
Black Marketer (Night) - Transfer all negative abilities from one player to another. If a player has their death prevented with this ability, they’ll be notified. First player can’t be target consecutively. - 3 uses

The Cartographer [Unseen Support]

Efficient Travel (Passive) - You are occupation and redirect immune.
Misleading Map (Night) - Everyone that visits your first target is secretly redirected to your second target. - 4 uses
Sail Ship (Night) - With a top quality ship, you can ensure EVERYTHING negative that happens to one person will happen to another person as well! Amazing! - 1 use

For the rest of the day? Game? Does it transfer abilities already used?

Please be more specific on “positive” and “negative”.

Does this affect people immune to redirection? Will the ability-user know about this? Does consecutive mean consecutive uses or consecutive nights?