The FGC Thread™️

i feel like i make too many of these threads but they’re niche topics


(for anyone confused, “FGC” stands for “Fighting Game Community”)

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wait this was supposed to be in #off-topic not #general aaaa

oh wait i can fix that myself

the more you know

if you wanna see a furry FGC player just look up sonicfox :eyes:

But yeah Tekken 7, DBFZ, New guilty gear (when it comes out/ already have the Xrd), Skull Girls, and UnderNight is like what i got.

i own DBFZ, MKX, and i think i own SF5 from a humble bundle

so for all intents and purposes i am a DBFZ player only

did you ever say what your DBFZ team was DB?

yeah king is just a pro wrestler and that guys main, sonicfox is the king of fgc and furry. Hes in skullgirls now

yeah i saw some drama about this on twitter

which… i don’t get given he’s a background character but i also don’t think im informed enough to talk about the topic too much

oh and i think i own TFH from a humble monthly as well

so you could say im a gamer :sunglasses:

no I didnt. I hate main in general in most fighting games as I dont like to limit myself, but favorites in order are like 16, piccolo, Ginyu, Nappa Vegito, Gotenks, and Beerus

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It’s kind of sad that all my favorite netherrealm players always keep falling to sonicfox
But just proves he’s the best ig

ah, a fellow dunker

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main reason i picked him up. Slash the instakill for memes

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ive landed a self destruct on every one of my friends who plays except one

i might have to convince him to play me again so i can finish that bucket list but hes also the only one whos actively better than me and it’s not exactly hard to dodge



Anyone play windjammers

oh yeah

Im hype for EVO though, most likely will get to see if KOF 15 is gonna be a 13 or 14. New Tek 7 and SFV pass (hoping for Hakan for SFV and some wacky as third party rep like Negan again). More sham sho thats hopefully not For Honor, DBFZ character or two and Strive stuff. And some new stuff hopefully. Be great to see like a update to skull girls after all these years

Oh hey this exists cool…

every time i see a MvC3 clip it looks SO momentum based

im also so used to DBFZ so seeing a 3 character game without any intermission after a down is weird to me even though im pretty sure DBFZ is the exception

also phoenix wright in a fighting game looks and sounds hilarious

im hoping ultimate being excluded from EVO online encourages nintendo to fix their shit

but EVO is always hype and im prob gonna watch a fair bit of it even if i don’t really follow any of the games at evo online this year

are you a fellow nerd


no way lol

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i hope its a kick in the door for most to introduce roll back

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No I don’t play fighting games
I like card games more… speaking of card games where’s the card games thread