The Fireball [Neutral Killer]

The Fireball

Neutral Killer

From Ash: When you would die, heal yourself instead and transform into Ash form.
To Fire: The night you transform into Fire form you will be immune to occupation and redirection.

Smoke Trail (2 use): Only usable in Ash form. Leave a trail of smoke on a player. You will be told their feedback each following night.
Flicker (2 use): Only usable in Fire form. See who will visit target player tonight.

Literally a Ball of Fire (inf use): Only usable in Fire form. Burn a player and char their logs if successful.
Fiery Resurrection (inf use): Only usable in Ash form. Transform into Fire form and burn the house of another player, killing them and anyone that visits them. Anyone that dies will have their logs charred.

Win condition: YEP.

Note: Charred logs get reset and appear as if they were that players default.

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I see

this win condition is made out of win condition

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will its artwork literally just be a fireball

answer me

It’s an NK, what else would you expect from the win con.

A fireball with a happy face, yes.


@GameShroomBoy Idk why I @ myself but here is what’s funny to me:

Sheriff: “Hey.”
Literally a flaming ball of fire: “Hey.”
Sheriff: “Are you evil?”
Fireball: “No.”
Sheriff: “They said there’s a new NK. It’s a ball of fire or something.”
Fireball: “Can’t be me.”
Sheriff: “You look pretty innocent good night.”