The Frostfire (Neutral Killer)

The Frostfire

The Frostfire is a “Killer” class that belongs to Neutral subfaction.
The Frostfire has the ability to collect Frost energy with each kill by “Icy Shot”.
Can use the “Dark Ice” to gain upgrades.
Can use “Mysterious Gift” to gain information about your target and kill them.
Starts the game with 1 bars of Frost energy
Win Condition: Must kill all members of the main factions in order to win.

Baron of Winter: You have a freeze meter which has maximum 3 bars. each successful kill, fills a bar of Freeze meter with Frost energy. (Only the attacks made by Icy Shot fills the Freeze Meter.)
Ice Coat: Death Immune. Immune to bleeding.
Consumes a bar if you get attacked by a Knight “Defend” or Hunter’s “Bear Companion”.

Day Abilities:
Silence of Cold: Silence a player and block their voting for the day. (2 uses)
Dark Ice: Empowers your ice with dark magic. once used you can choose one of the upgrades:
use 3 bars to become occupy and redirect immune
use 2 bars to make Ice Shot bypass death immunity.

Night Abilities
Icy Shot: Shoot an Ice missile at your target, attacking them.
Mysterious Gift: Consume 1 bar to place an Ice statue that reveals who visits your target into your target’s room. if used again (to detonate), you will consume a bar and the statue will explode, attacking your target (doesn’t count as visiting while detonating. The attack with the statue does not fill the Freeze meter.).

The Ice Statue will reveal who visits your target everynight unless you detonate it.

Freeze meter shows how many bars of Frost energy you have, you start the game with 1 bars of Frost energy. You can gain a bar of Frost energy by succesfully killing someone with “Ice Shot”. This Frost energy can be used to empower your abilities, add yourself some passives and put a spy (the ice statue) that shows who visits your target everynight and can be detonated anytime.

I know it might sound a little like the Reaper but i want to know what you think. The abilities might be polished as well.


The Frostfire (Neutral killer)
Ice Coat: Death Immune. Bleed Immune. You will not attack Death Immune players. You will also not attack the players who are defended by a Knight but mark the Knight instead.
Baron of Winter: you will level up with successfull kills
#1 Level (1 kill needed for level 1) : you ll now mark who visits you. If you attack someone death Immune, you will also mark them. Marks stay on a player until they die
#2 Level (2 kills needed after first level for level 2) : aditionally, ice statue will show the feedbacks of the abilities used on your target and bypass death immunity when detonated.
#3 Level (3 kills needed after second level for level 3) : your attacks will now bypass healing
Day Abilities:
Cold Embrace: Marked players will be freezed, silencing them and blocking their voting for the day. Marks gets cleared on use (3 uses)
Mysterious Gift: Place an Ice statue that reveals who visits your target everynight into your target’s room. Marks everyone who visits your target (Unlimited uses. can’t place another until you detonate the remaining ice statue)
Night Abilities:
Icy Shot: Shoot an Ice missile at your target, attacking them.
Suprise!: Detonate the Ice statue, attacking your target

you kill someone > leveled up to first level
after you level up to first level you need to kill 2 players to level up to second level
after you level up to second level you need to kill 3 players to level up to final level (3rd)

you ll know the marked players


Why is this so familiar?

Too many bars imo. NKs should have it for free.

Why would anyone use this.

to fake observer and find scums? to kill hunters? butlers? someone who is getting safeguarded like the prince.

same theme with the reaper’s Icy touch, why not? and when its used on someone it really doesn’t out the reaper. so you can’t say “OH ITS REAPER GAME” when you get chilled.

You never said it bypasses DI.

Sorry i meant the mercenary, “Standguard”

I just find it super underpowered to cost two bars and a night of no kills

It costs 1 bar and you dont have to place it then detonate the next night, just put it and gain information while killing with ice shot.

But it’s a night ability so it needs to be placed instead of ice shot

If you look at sorc, however, it:

  1. Used to be passively occ immune
  2. Can bypass DI unlimited times
  3. Can bypass things like Party, Bear, Defend, imprisonment, and SG unlimited times

I mean usage of 1 bar to detonate might be removed, but think about it. It gives an oppertunity to get confirmed for early game and if someone clams d1 prince or some important class just put a statue and wait while you are killing with ice shot. Or just keep killing with ice shot and if you see someone claim prince or heretic you can place a statue to get yourself confirmed.

#3 you can still bypass
#1 i think we can reduce the cost
#2 can bypass di because sorc is weak on late games compared to other NKs and should eliminate other players before the court catches it. But Frostfire isn’t weak because the chill and it can easily get itself confirmed for early games.

Sorc was never passively occ immune btw, that was poss

It was both sorc and poss

Oh wait they removed occ immunity from sorc when walking bombs were added nvm

I rather like it.

I ve added an another version. thoughts?

WOAH this is powerful

Do you know who gets marked?


i mean the marks get cleared on use, its not actually OP