The Gunslinger [Revised]

The Gunslinger (Neutral Killer)

Passive 1: Skilled Marksman | Death immune, Knight cannot kill the Gunslinger.

Passive 2: Just a flesh wound | Attackers will not receive the Death Immune notification.

Passive 3: Black Powder | The Gunslinger has a limited amount of black power, he uses it to use his abilities

Day 2: Warning Shot (uses 1 black powder) | Bleeds and silences the target player for twenty seconds.

Day 2: Stick Em Up (uses 2 black powder) | Bleeds and occupies the player if they leave their room, they are unable to vote for 20 seconds.

Night 1: Deadly Aim (inf uses) | Kill someone if they are death immune, your attack gains Death Immunity and heal bypass the next night.

Night Ability 2: Harvest | Break into a player’s room at night, bleed them and gain three charges of Black Powder.

Gunslinger 2.0 (more like my original idea) (‘Neutral’ Offensive)

Passive 1 | Long Range | Death Immune once (always DI to their faction [excluding BD])

Passive 2 | Gun For Hire | Wins with a randomly assigned faction (Cult/Unseen/NK will know they have a Gunslinger BD will not, Mutually exclusive with SS)

Day Ability 1| Stick em up | bleed one person x3 uses

Day Ability 2| You’ve been warned | at night, attack someone who survives your bleed (bypasses DI/Heal) x1 use

Night Ability 1| Sudden Noise | Redirect One player to another, the player not being redirected is occ’d (eg red 2-3, 3 is occ’d)

Night Ability 2| Shot to the knee | Occupy someone for two nights (x2 uses)

What do you guys think? Ill take feedback and post revised versions! Lets hope that Imperium42 sees this!

yeah so this is the revised version sorry for the 1 year wait for all 0 of you who cared.

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what’s the win condition


I would combine this into something like

Rough Skin: Your skin is incredibly tough and durable. Attackers will not receive the death immunity notification. You will not die to a Knight’s defend.

For Quality of Life

Alright so it’s a reaper soul mechanic

For how long does the player get silenced?

I’m not too sure on this one. It seems pretty powerful considering it already has basically 2KP a night without healers. I don’t think the occupation is nessecary tbh. I would remove the occupy and put it back to one black powder but that’s basically just the ability you suggested so I’d rework this one entirely.

I quite like this. It essentially guarantees a kill if you fail it.

How would this work being a night ability with bleeding?

Things like this add more swing than my personal tolerance would take

Having Cult/Unseen control roughly half the votes if a sell sword rolls as well by d3/4 is bad

in the morning you will see you were bled by a blah blah blah, as soon as bleed abilities become available

also stick em up only applies if they visit that night, so its kind of risky, as its using 2 black powder