The Lunatic - By Jack Spooks (Neutral Special)

The Lunatic | Neutral Special (Unique)

Originally a normal and sane member of the court, you began sensing dark remnants of Adiart’s tragic past, reliving all the most terrible events that have occurred here. In the beginning, you were able to control the visions, resist the intrusions and tempting whispers of those shadows that lurk the grounds, but eventually, you succumbed to their presence.

Madness (Passive) – You can not speak a coherent sentence, only able to mutter a single word at a time before your mind slips away.

Clarity (Day) – You gain temporary control over your madness and become able to speak for (the rest of the day/x seconds maybe), additionally causes you to become death immune for the night – 2 uses, usable day 1

Descent (Day) – Cause every member of the court who is afflicted with madness (applied by Torment ) to fall into true madness for the rest of the day, being unable to speak even a single word – 1 use, unusable for the first (10/x seconds) of the day

Torment (Night) – Visit target, harassing them with your ramblings, and inflicting them with minor madness for the rest of the game, reducing their words/message to three – inf uses, visit is preventable by knight defends, merc and king SG, etc… able to target the king

Depravity (Night) – Cause all members of the court afflicted with madness to visit a random unafflicted member of the court – 1 use, bypasses occupy immune, grants Lunatic Occupy/Redirect immunity and Death Immunity for the night

You win if all current surviving members of the court are inflicted with madness.

You think you are the Neutral Killer, but your abilities malfunction. The Neutral Killer knows who you are and who you attack.

this is… very unbalanced and breakable by everyone having a copypasted message day 1 thats over 1 word and the prince jailing anyone who can’t comply

That’s the reason Lunatic has clarity…

doing it instantly is hard

even then this class is outted by d3 at the latest

I also just don’t see the point of the class itself

Doing it instantly would not be hard especially if you have a message copied like you said, and no if you’re inflicting madness you would not be caught by day 3 at the latest. There is no real point other than to just disrupt players like a fool would, just more gameplay than I got exed gg. Also I didn’t make the class as an entirely serious suggestion just an idea.

I’m confused

role from diff game

What game?

bloood on the clocktower
it’s not on steam
it’s actually meant to be played IRL

role feels like it’d be annoying to play as and play against

doesn’t really achieve anything? like, does madness do anything to you other than make it annoying to speak? doesnt look like it, in which case this could just openclaim and be ignored as it has nearly no mechanical influence at all (and is also very confirmable :joy_cat:)

encourages spam to communicate while in madness


It adds minor potential to a Fool play.
Other than that…

even that is arguable

and personally don’t think that’s a good thing, even if it was less arguable