The Lunatic [Neutral Special]

The Lunatic

Neutral Special

Curse Of La Luna: You are compulsive to perform an action each night. If you don’t perform an action you will automatically use < Moon Phase >
Lunar Legacy: The Moon will start in the Waning Crescent Phase. At the end of each night it will advance to the next one.

Moon Ritual (2 use): Prevent the Moon from advancing to the next Phase tonight. Usable day 1. You cannot delay the same Phase twice.
Splendor Casei (2 use): Become Death Immune tonight.

< Moon Phase > (inf use): Perform an action based on the current Moon Phase.

Waning Crescent: Intensify everyone’s action.
New Moon: Heal everyone.
Waxing Crescent: Do nothing.
First Quarter: Frame everyone.
Waxing Gibbous: Anyone executed the next day will appear as their converted class. Unconvertable players show up as Assassin or Cult Leader.
Full Moon: Commit suicide.

Syzygy Sacrifice (1 use): Only usable during a New Moon or Full Moon. Attack a player. If successful the Moon will return to the previous Phase.

Win Con: Survive.

Just your casual 9 ability class, nothing special or unique to be honest.
< Moon Phase > is a placeholder name. The actual ability name changes based on the current Phase as referenced in the list below it.

Does Splendor Casei prevent this or do you need to use Syzygy Sacrifice or Moon Ritual to stop this?

Also I love the play on words (Lunatic)

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Suicide bypasses Death Immunity, you need to avoid using the Full Moon ability either by delaying with ritual or reversing the flow of time with a sacrifice (basically having the game end before you are forced to use it)

Full Moon is on N7 so it’ll rarely matter anyway

New Moon is incredibly OP. No deaths on N2 whatsoever?

N6 by default, but yes, it’s more of a design challenge rather than actual class.

If you use this D1 what happens

You start in the Waning Crescent Phase, using it will prolong that phase until n2 rather than move to New Moon.

I thought that’s what happens if you use it D2

actually! that’s not a play on words! the word Lunatic is actually derived from the term for the astronomical body that is the moon, Luna. there’s an association between the moon and madnexx in a lot of western cultures that we do not have time to get into.

but essentially, the idea was that changes in the phase of the moon caused intermittent insanity in the minds of those susceptible to it.

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anyway i have no thoughts on this class, have fun pretending survivors are fun, everyone

But ici 2-shot vigilante doctor survivor with 3 activated bulletproof fun


I don’t know how much I’d actually enjoy playing as this class, or against it

But 9 night abilities has comedic value so it passes

I should probably include this in the OP, but this has no reason to exist as an actual class and I’m aware of it. It was more of a design challenge and a time waster. Having 9 abilities is meme/10

i’ve seen a class with like
50 abiliites before
most of them were useless but still

the only reason i was even interested enough to post in this thread is
…well, if you know you know