The Mad Scientist (Neutral Killer)

Monster Control (passive): You know the your monsters previous class, have access their logs, and whenever you whisper your monster it will speak what you whispered to it (this whisper is not revealed to the rest of the court).
Still a doctor (passive): Immune to bleeding and death at night.
Vote with me (day): Your monster will vote up to trial whoever you vote and vote execute/pardon based on your vote. - uses infinite
Rampage (day): Your monster will go on a rampage attacking anyone who visits them tonight or attacking prince if imprisoned (unable to use Monster Attack (night) tonight) - uses 1
Create Monster (night): Attack target player if successful make them into a monster (one night cooldown). - uses infinite
Monster Attack (night): Your monster will attack target player. - uses infinite

Live to see all who appose you die

Important notes:
Being made into into a monster is like being reaped i.e. you are considered dead.
When the monster is investigated they will appear as neutral k/o
When the monster dies for any reason it will appear as class monster.

How will the monster appear in the scenario of a Nightwatch using Watch Carefully?

EDIT: Never mind, it seems they would just appear as a Monster to Nightwatch (and inq if they were a heretic).

How many monsters can you have at once? Does getting a new Monster kill your old one? Do you even have the option to get a new monster?

I did forgot to put that in you can only have one at a time. If you already have a monster and successfully create a new one the old one will die.

So if someone becomes a monster, do they now win with NK? Or does the attack from Create Monster mean they can’t talk?

I can’t say I’m familiar with ToL interactions, but it looks like a cool concept/niche.

I also don’t know where it is on balance/power, but I do wonder if knowledge of this class would make its main gimmick (the monster thing) less useful


@ash4fun I just realized that Reaper works differently in FoL. To clear things up, the person who becomes a monster is considered dead and joins dead chat, but appears to be alive and, when whispered to by the Scientist, repeats that whisper out loud. When killed for the second time, the monster is essentially flipless (flips as monster).

Okay, that makes sense. (ya I definitely didn’t know what reaped meant but I could put a little bit together)

Being reaped is quite different, but a knowledge of Reaper mechanics is helpful to knowing how this works.

I think Monsters should flip its normal class, so the Scientist can use their logs as alibi talk and not hard confirming their presence.

I find this suggestion borders on some mechanics of the Reaper, so in essence the existence of both obscures the true nature of which NK - which I think is a good thing.

Monster Rampage kinda works like Reaper Circle. I’m not sure that Monster Rampage should be able to kill/attack Prince if jailed. That seems like a can of worms to open.

I would wager early gameplan is: Getting a Monster N1, and then D2 having them become suspicious by whispering conflicting info (possibly Maid with incomp results to maybe make Court kill someone) in Court to bait the Prince to jail, and then activate Monster Rampage to quickly kill Prince, before he’s outed and healed.

The only weakness I see is Vote with Me that could be fixed. If players are particularly attentive when players are voting for treason, it could be noted when two players simultaneously vote for a target.

A fix could be to have you target a player to have your Monster accuse. So it functions like Force Vote.
Another issue here is that people can test for this by demanding each player to accuse multiple targets during the day. If one player only accuses once, they are likely bad or a monster.

What happens if your Monster is attempted occupied or jailed?

I suppose for occupied it will be like with Poss’ Puppet Strings and not affect you. The monster will still attack, and the occupier will get feedback that they were unable to occupy.

If your Monster is jailed I guess you wont attack.

I suppose if a replaced monster still flips their original class, a replacement could be masked as a reaped target, as they wont talk during the night with Prince, and if replaced will die without Prince executing them.

If Prince executes a monster what does it flip as? I would think Monster, as flipping as BD without the feedback that the Prince executed a fellow BD is a tell that something ain’t right. Although a Monster flip is hard confirming a Scientist while a BD flip tips the Prince off and a Cultseen/Neut is a cover. It would be a better cover if it flipped its original class in any case and that Monster is not a class to flip.

Who are you visiting when using Monster Attack?

Hey iteration.

So to answer a few questions while also explaining some reasoning.

  1. If monster is occupied it will not stop the attack.

The monster attack is almost the exact same as puppet strings except it the first target is the exact Monster, so the same is true if your monster is jailed. you will get feedback that your monster is occupied and notified at the start of the night that your monster is jailed.

  1. When using monster attack you do not visit anyone.

Imagine the monster is just in the same room as you and you tell it to go attack someone that it is how it works.

3.Vote with me and the interaction.

The way Vote with Me works is that the when you click the button the monster will immediately vote at the second of the button push. So you can delay your vote to when you push the button. It will only vote with you that once and will not change votes with you or revote the same person. Also when voting for execution it will vote at the last second.

  1. Rampage being able to kill prince while jailed.

I did this to giving a safe way to deal with prince. Most other NKs can effectively deal with prince safely like Sorcerer bomb or Possessor string him into a bear or knight guard. This is that kind of ability either a safe way of dealing with Prince or an amazing way to deal with investigators/support.

Okay, I get the interaction on “Vote with me”. But wouldn’t it generally be stronger if it worked like a Force Vote? It would be more believable if you could vote with your monster before you vote.
You could also use this to have your monster claim the Force Vote - either to confirm yourself as Noble or to sow suspicion for an apostle/aristocrat/poss/scientist play.

Not entirely sure how the treason vote should work then. It could be hidden but follow yours.

Also yeah, Monster Rampage killing Prince is not a good mechanic IMO.

That is a good idea I’ll probably change the vote with me ability and rethink rampage