The Magician (Neutral Social)

The Magician
Tough Crowd: You are always seen as Evil to investigative classes. Upon reaching your win condition, commit suicide and guarantee all attacks succeed the following night.
Disappearing act: You can quickly escape your attacker using your own magic which causes you to disappear from the scene. Death immunity. (One time)
[Day abilities]
Impersonation: Select a class from a limited list. Cause Illusion to become a fake version of the chosen class’ core ability. (∞)
[Night abilities]
Illusion: Trick target player into receiving fake feedback from the class chosen from Impersonation. (∞)
[Win Condition]
By the end of the game, be placed up on stand and then pardoned 2 times.

Here’s something I kinda worked on in the discord with the help of actually a ton of people. You guys know who you are ^^


To make classes using the format FoL does, put a > followed by a space before each line.

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The min
Passive: Vibecat

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HSJDJDKF thank u

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Good job!

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Yay!!! Thank you!! :]

So I wanted to give details on interactions:
Fake knight: Does nothing
Fake hunter: Fake occupies if they visit who you want them to?
Fake butler/servant/invoker: Fake occupies (They will not receive feedback for their ability)
Fake drunk/SS/alcoholic: Fake redirect (Target will receive feedback as if they targeted the 2nd person)
Fake physician/chronomancer/alchemist/herbalist: Additionally does a fake attack
Fake CW: Will also fake occupy
Fake Sage/ritualist: Fake redirects if someone targets one of your targets.
Fake mystic/noble/aristocrat/illusionist/apostle/investigative: Does nothing
Fake non-convert evil: Does nothing
Mercenary: Fake occs all visitors
Everything else: Does nothing
Is this correct?

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Fake redirect will make the target believe that they have been redirected, but they will still target the person they chose!

Other than that though that is very correct and epic, thank you for explaining!!

What feedback will your target receive?

The target will receive normal redirect feedback (“you were redirected to x”) and they will receive feedback based off of who you fake redirected to. For example, if you illusioned a phys, it will tell them that they were redirected from 7 to 4 and 4 was dnr, when in reality the phys is still targeting 7. So if 7 was attacked and healed, that phys healed them, but the phys doesn’t know that.

Additionally, if you use apostle/illu, is it a real mind warp or does it do nothing?

Nah, it wouldn’t do anything, so like impersonating an invest, choosing apostle and illu would do nothing

it’d probably be best for quality of life reasons to only let it impersonate classes that actually do things

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Yeah- I’m thinking this right here!! No reason to impersonate a class that gives no feedback