The Mandate [MISC/RP]

(Amy and making fun of Late Han China, a tale as old as time)

The Empire, once stable and bringing property has been brought low by corrupt eunuchs. In the nothern provinces talk of rebellions is sweeping among the peasantry that believe the Emperor has lost his right to rule. In a time of civil strife and rebellion, will you make your name last in history or will the sands of time destroy your name?

Available Roles

  • Vassal Of The Empire
  • Eunuchs
  • Rebel General
  • Courtier At The Imperial Court

I will ideally be playing the emperor (lol emperor having power and will pretty much be the AI for battles.

Show your interest and ill dm you more info about making a character



for political reasons

Hmm… I have no idea what those roles are all about, so I don’t know if I should go for it

vassals want to use the rebellion to their advantage
the eunches want to make sure they increase their own power
rebellion generals want to fuck the empire over
courtiers want to lower the power of the eunches

Is this more rp than misc or more misc than rp

for a moment I thought Hja was hosting this and, like, panicked

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some aspects are heavy to mixed with some sit devoid of it


magnus you should join this

Should I?
Depends… when does it start?
Because if it’s too early, I’ll be exceedingly inactive.

not until we get one of each role at least

Then I’ll /in I guess.

I might be interested, but i’d need more info on roles ~

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Great to know.

Kind of vague, I mean specifically the functions of individual roles, not their goal or motive, sorry

Vassals and Rebels function as generals and participate in battles against each other
Eunuchs and Courtiers are more rp focus and their main tool is influence over the emperor

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that work?

Yes! Thank you ~