The Mistress (Neutral Special)

The Mistress (Neutral Special)


  • The Power of Love: You will always know who your lover is. If your lover leaves, you will be assigned a new lover on the next day.
  • Woe is Me: If your lover dies at night, you will know the class of the killer and your new goal will be to see their killer die through any means. If your lover is executed on trial, you will commit suicide during the following night.

Day Abilities:

  • Chatter (3 uses): Your Tea Party target will be disguised as a member of the Blue Dragon.
  • Not Invited (2 uses): Tea Party will occupy all visitors (except conversions), instead of healing your target.

Night Abilities:

  • Tea Party (infinite uses): Heal target player and learn their class grouping. *Can target self
  • Poisoned Tea (1 use): Kill target player, bypassing death immunity and healing. *Only unlocks if your lover was killed at night, and only succeeds if the target killed your lover.

Win Condition:

  • See your lover survive until the end of the game. If they die at night, see the person who killed them die through any means.

Mistress learns the identity of their Lover on d1, this Lover can be anyone except non-Killer Neutrals. They are told who their lover is every day, so that it still works if a Possessor Lover decides to jump. The Lover does not know they are a Lover, or who the Mistress is. If the Lover kills themselves via redirection (e.g. Assa/CL gets HH’ed or hit a CW/Rit swap and killed themselves) the Mistress must see the person who redirected them die. If the Lover commits suicide (Assa/MM/CL/Knight/Butler), Mistress will commit suicide as well.

If the Lover is Sacrificed by CL, Mistress must see the CL die. If the Lover is jumped by the Possessor, the Lover will still count as being alive, but if they jump out of the body the Mistress must see the Possessor die.

Credit to TheBlueElixir and Seaspook for helping me out with this class.

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That’s a bit extreme. :frowning:

Reword this to “You will always know who your lover is”.

Also what stops her from just spam healing her lover? Not like she has to do much else for her win con.

Also what stops her from just spam healing her lover? Not like she has to do much else for her win con.

The Lover can be people who don’t always need to be spam healed. (MM, Prince, Hunter, Butler, NK, etc.)

I could change this in some way, such as making Mistress unable to target the same person twice in a row.

But, healing other people or giving investigative results to BD in order to keep yourself alive can further your wincon if you don’t think your Lover will be attacked. You can fake Mistress, and if you’re not claiming Mistress you could be sussed as NK/evil so focusing on “confirming” yourself to a degree is important

Sounds like a reasonable counter measure.

Seems alright means you don’t get screwed other early

5 faction check blocks on your lover I’m guessing… Which is alright I guess

Not a fan of a neutral princess physician feel like this needs to be reworked.

Seems fine a little unfair for nks seems reasonable. I’d actually suggest that you’d have to “See bd lose” if the court decides to execute your lover but may have problems with late game but having no real counter to day executions is meh Maybe I’d rework the new wincon (gained form lover death) to Survive seeing the faction who killed your lover lose (With votes Majority executions with BD > Evils > Nk > Neut priority and survive maybe some way to self protect? I guess if a alch yolo bombed your target you could live to see them lose.

Problem is seeing nks get punished for randomly killing a lover I’d like some talk about this idea because it’s actually a interesting one and I loved contract merc so thats a plus

Not a fan of a neutral princess physician feel like this needs to be reworked.

If the flirt doesn’t stay, I think some kind of check on your targets would be reasonable. Let me explain my reasoning. It allows you to check your Lover’s class grouping (since its not always the best idea to whisper them), find who their killer might be if they die (if they’re claiming out of type), as well as having a way to not appear suspicious to the court (in this iteration, it would be outing your ‘flirts’ or having a confirmed heal/SG). If Tea Party was just a heal then its nighttime kit would just be 1/2 of Alchemist most of the time.

Pretender was problematic, and part of it was because she was death immune and had no reason not to BT everyone and out the results. Lovers can be evil, so it might not be a good idea to out your K/O or S/I flirts. Mistress is also encouraged to mostly stay on her lover, but may stray away if they think/know the lover doesn’t need spam healing. Mistress is also not death immune, with the only protection being targeting themselves with Tea Party.

This probably a horrible idea but um. What if heal and flirt kinda did a flip flop thing? Like say, you chose which ability would go first in a menu or something. Like “You will flirt with [target] at your tea party, you will learn their class grouping at the end of the night.” “You will hospitalize [target/yourself] at the tea party tonight, they’ll be healed tonight.” “[target/you] didn’t need your hospitality.” Another idea is making flirt/heal have counters with flirt 4 times and heal 4 times, but that idea doesn’t appeal to me too much.