👳 The Monk & The Hedonist (Royal Social)

Another “guess someone else’s class” class.

The Monk (Social)

:sunrise_over_mountains: Ascending (Passive) - If you survive to the end, your team wins even if 1 opponent remains.

:crown: Royal Blood (Passive)

:eye: Discern (Night) - Earn a charge of Patience by correctly identifying the exact class of a player who is either Unseen, Cult, Neutral Killer, Fool, Scorned, Inquisitor, or Sellsword.

:person_in_lotus_position: Meditate (Night) - Become death immune by consuming a charge of Patience, if you have any.

You will never be explicitly informed of how many Patience charges you have. If you use Meditate but get attacked and have no Patience, you’ll simply die.

The Hedonist (Social)

:crown: Royal Blood (Passive)

:pill: Chill Pill (Night) - The opposite of Mind Warp. Target an investigative to make them see everyone as “not suspicious” and “social or support” and “matching everyone”.

:lollipop: Dulcify (Day) - Force someone to cast their vote as pardon.

A bit lackluster. All you get is a small untold chance to be death immune. The “guess people’s class” classes are fine, just change the night ability to have more utility?


stupidly OP
synergizes with meditate to become even more stupidly OP
discern is literally there to give meditate charges, so
this entire class is :wowee:


do like the formatting tho

this class is op

they’ll basically always get scouted/clear minded

theyd basically always get flirted/checked, and when they do theyre clea

also why is it not unique

Does this make the opposite faction lose though?