The Party [Signups]

Welcome to my party! Do take a seat…

This is a semi-game Roleplay

To signup, just fill out and post this character sheet.

Name: (First and Last)
Age: (18+)
General Appearance:
Unusual skill:
Unusual weakness:
Backstory: (Optional, fill this out if you want a more fleshed out role)

For example…

Name: Jacob Daker
Gender: Male
Age: 23
General Appearance: Pale skin, Blue eyes, and 5’6"
Unusual skill: Ability to survive much longer in cold environments.
Unusual weakness: Irrational fear of Ice
Backstory: Jacob Daker, the eldest son of Jake Daker, had a hard life. Born up in Alaska, he never liked the cold. He hated it. But his family was too poor to buy a heater, so he always had to deal with it. When his family moved down to a warmer climate, he was more than excited. His parents became the heirs to a large business and went from being nobodies to being the richest people in the area. Now, here he lives, on the Daker estate, where this very party is held.

I hope you are all doing well. Please, do introduce yourselves. I am truly excited to see who we have today.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please post them below.

The Partygoers:
1 Marcus A. (Simon)

screw the morning just got an idea so im typing this now

this will be fun while waiting for the february Magnus Game.

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Bump, still accepting signups.

Can u tell little more than it being a party

I have some theories.

  • murder mystery
  • trapped and need to escape (magnus escape room style)
  • trapped and need to escape (Escape the Night style)
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It is a roleplay in which something happens and you must react to it in some way that lets you leave with your life, and your goal satisfied.

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so yeah basically these.
a couple variations, but. not too much

Anything else, or shall you enter the Daker Estate?


will everyone have different goals or will we work as a team? how many people would u like to have?

also will it be hosted on the forums or discord (i mean i assume it’s forums but i just want clarification)

might join depending on how many others do

Your goal will be determined by me. You may have similar, and conflicting, goals.

Ideally, I want 6+

Also, hosted on the forums.


Pings to join I make. you join I hope.

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May you join?

Well, looks like this isn’t gonna be run for a few days

if you can get more people then i’ll be willing to join i guess

don’t really wanna spend time making a character (even if it is only a few minutes) if it won’t run xd

He’s still suspended.

from here? how lol