The Puppet Master (Neutral Killer)

The Puppet Master (Neutral Killer)
Win Condtion: Must kill all members of the main factions in order to win.
(see Master of Puppets (night ability) first)

Master of Fate - Death immune at night. You may speak in the place of your puppet if they are imprisoned by the prince.
Master of Trickery - If you die with a puppet still alive, you will be moved into the place of the puppet and consume one use of Master of Puppets. Activates only once.

Day Abilities:
Master of Control - Swap between the chat and voting of you and your puppet. (Unlimited uses, can be used multiple times in a day and during elections)

Night Abilities:
Master of Agony - Send you or your puppet out to kill target player. (Unlimited uses)
Master of Puppets - Kill target player and raise them into your puppet. They will show as their class from before becoming a puppet and keep their passives. Upon the puppet dying, their class will show as The Puppet. Cannot have more than 1 puppet. Only consumes a charge upon success. (3 uses)

A few interactions I will clear up:

-The Puppet will commit suicide the night of The Puppet Master becoming The Psycho King.
-The Puppet will show as the class they were before they became the puppet when committing suicide.
-The Puppet crowns into The Puppet King, with The Royal Finger and Decide Fate, but still counts as a puppet.

-The King can be turned into a puppet, however it won’t become The Puppet King, much like how The Possessor doesn’t become The Psycho King upon jumping the king.

-If Master of Trickery triggers while The Puppet King is up, you become The Psycho King.
-If Master of Trickery triggers while The Puppet is in the king, you become The Puppet Master in the slot of the King.
-Master of Trickery can still trigger even with 0 uses of Master of Puppets.

Does the Puppet keep Apprentice? If so, :joy_cat:

No obviously.