The Rogue (Neutral Killer)

Hidden Armor (Passive): Your immune to bleeding and death at night
Escape Artist(Passive) - The first time you are executed by Prince you will instead escape your cell and not die.
Poison Dart (Day) - Poison target player, they will die tonight unless healed (they will not know they have been poisoned). - infinite uses
Slit Throat (Day) - Slice target player’s throat causing them to bleed and be unable to vote, speak, or use abilities for the rest of the day. - 2 uses
Fake you will appear to use the first night ability of the class you chose with impersonate (Night). Infinite uses
Impersonate (Night) - You will appear as target class to investigative results. - infinite uses
Live to see all factions who oppose you defeated

This NK is meant to blend with BD getting info on both evils and BD to see who to kill and frame while strengthening their own claim as an investigative class.

Edit 1: Changed the Stalk ability into an invest ability with a noble ability called Watch Closely and I removed Stealth Strike

Edit 2: Have made a significant number of changes to the class based on a suggestion I had read.
Changed Stalk to Fake and changed Watch Closely to Impersonate lastly changed Stealth to Escape Artist
This changes how the class works.

For clarity with this class Poison Dart is it’s day too day kill ability with Slit Throat being its voter manipulation.

I know there will be some apprehension over the Escape Artist passive so I will explain my reasoning here. I think that due too the very limited KP (1 to 1/2 kills per night) that this class needs strong abilities and passives in order to keep itself alive. and near the end of the game generally prince exes kills NK (in my experience). This gives a chance for the class to not be insta-killed at any point in the game because Prince is alive. At least if the player is smart and poisons the Prince day before they are jailed.


This looks extremely broken

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This too added on is extremely broken

1 basically instant night kill and then a bleed

Can you use them both during the day? If so that’s very broken

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So this class is a

  1. Nk with buff obs results

  2. Able to get 2-3 kpn possibly plus you can basically chill someone for free the entire day

  3. Seen as bd invest everywhere

This idea itself is very broken.

Edit: ok realised you get noble results too…now that’s just absolutely silent of an ability

i like this name a lot ngl

i dont think healers can keep up with this

lol rip Obs claims

my main quip about this is thats its not the most unique nk, and how its kit is designed to claim one class which is??? a more interesting idea would be instead of a NK that can “copy” BD abilities, making certain classes less mech confirmed while also keeping your main idea thats it supposed to “blend in” with blue dragon

also hi min :flushed::flushed::flushed::flushed::flushed:

I can’t like yet this is a crime. Hello privv

You cannot use Poison Dart and Slit Throat during the same day.

Alright that’s actually better knowing that

I still believe poison dart is kinda broken

How is someone supposed to know to heal if the person dying doesn’t even know they’re poisoned? There should be some sort of indication

The thing with is that poison dart is it’s only non limited source of kill power

Granted with stealth strike it has outright 2 KPN but still

Just to clarify; since Poison Dart is the main kill ability and it is not a nightly attack, how does this interact with:

  • Players who are death immune?
  • Knights’ defend and a bunch other abilities?
  • Healing?

I wager death immune still stops the poison, otherwise RIP neuts and the occasional MM. Since there’s no attack to grant feedback on, does this mean a poisoned target that is death immune wont know they were attacked. I suppose this goes two ways so the Rogue don’t know their target was death immune and not healed.

Again no attack, so Knight’s Defend is… well useless against this NK. Similarly is Butler/Drunk/Mercenary/Hunter/Court Wizard in trying to hinder the kill.

I suppose it doesn’t trigger Princess’s WoW, Maid’s Nosy Servant, and it fools invests.

Does the healer know they have cured a poison? Normally they will be notified they healed either bleed or from an attack. How does this work?

There’s just so many things this class dodges that it seems impossible to properly detect. You just cannot impersonate a class with a mechanical confirmation - like Butler, Drunk, CW, Mystic out of risk of getting found out.

BD would have to be lucky to get them killed.

I don’t think this would be a good thing to introduce to the game.

The idea is neat, but there’s simply so many things that doesn’t interact well with this kind of design.

So to answer your questions.

  1. It does not bypass DI.
  2. It does bypass night defend and other occupy/redirect abilities due to it being a day ability.
  3. It give its own notification if you die by it or are healed by it meaning if someone does heal a target people will know you are in game.

And the point of this class is to be not be known for most of the game due to to it’s limited KP and voter manipulation. Instead using abilities to make it seem like it’s the class it’s trying to fake. While slowly picking off players.

Limited KP? Meaning they can only ever kill one person per night cycle? Because their normal kill ability is pretty bonkers.

Their kill ability is guaranteed unless the target is healed or death immune. All other types of defenses are rendered useless.

You can even bait the Prince to jail you and when a target dies while you are in jail you are obviously not a nightly killer. So unless it has been confirmed there’s a Rogue in game, you’re borderline confirmed.

Killing this class is limited to blind luck… or a Killer class attacking them and swaying the court to vote them out. On BD’s side that’s a yolo Knight or a lucky Hunter. Cultseen needs majority in order to get them and is the most likely to stumble upon a Rogue.

There’s also the problem that the Rogue cannot ever win against the Mastermind as they are death and bleed immune. And Rogue doesn’t have a way to force the vote in his favor.

Reaper and Sorc can both go through death immunity and Poss can force the vote in his favor. Rogue has nothing he can do against a MM and an Assassin. I feel like that’s a flaw that needs fixing. You cannot expect the class to be able to sus out the OG MM and OG Assa for him to have a chance at winning.

Also Slit Throat is a mechanical confirmation, so you’re never going to use this early as the player wont die (to you) until they have a chance to out the presence of a Rogue to the Court.

If there’s a special feedback with healing a poisoned target (that isn’t the same as curing bleed - the wording could be changed to say “You cured the target of their ailments.”) then that’s another mechanical confirmation of your existence.

I don’t think it would be a good time playing as or against this class, the way it works now.