The Silencer (Neutral Investigative)

Passive: Too much nonsense: Immune to occupation and redirection.
Passive: Disagree: You cannot spawn with an alchemist and an inquisitor.
Day ability: Leaked Info: Learn target player’s class type instantly. Unusable day 1. Unlimited uses.
Day ability: No one goes here: Become death immune. 3 uses.
Night ability: Remove Gibber-jabber: Guess target player’s class. If you are correct, attack them bypassing everything. If you are incorrect or do not use this ability, then you will commit suicide. Unlimited uses, can only be used on even nights.
Win Condition: Survive until the end of the game.

Kill me
Kill me now

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/shoot Geyde

Anti-claim survivor neutral that must kill every night starting n2
What the fuck am I looking at


Some stuff that would not go past you reviewing a game, for sure.

This idea isn’t the worst thing to ever exist
That’s what I’ll give you

honestly it’s better than 90% of neutral suggestions so good for you



You know what I meant.

plz no

CHANGES: - No longer an NK
This is because KP is changing to make the class easier.

  • This is to make sure the KP doesn’t immensely grow.
  • Also to make sure KP doesn’t grow



DI goes poof

And so does silence

bye bye DI

oh yes i remember this class

at least Remove Gibber-Jabber was changed

also why does Silencer need Icy Touch

Made a few more changes to make this no longer an NK



they should get like princess flirt, or maybe like a weaker version of it

even though its a silencer it doesnt really need silence to work

It has this

I said I removed silence

oh didnt see nvm

@min You come here!

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