The Smash Brothers Thread™

This is different from the old ‘Ultimate Discussion Thread’ because Melee exists

and I didn’t know that thread existed

oh i guess we can put friend codes here since i assume this will primarily be used to talk about/play ultimate

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reban marshal 2020

Add me

Fight me

Still lose to @CheesyKnives

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Not have nintendo switch online


oh can we just turn this into a “nintendo switch online sucks” thread

cause damn it sucks

anyway who do you nerds main

i need to see if any of you guys are marshals nerds

Zelda :eyes:

well i strongly dislike ness but respect the decision of anyone who chooses him and i think that none of the charachters are that terrible

also game and watch

do you use moves that aren’t special moves


you might be one of the okay ones

online zeldas are notoriously annoying though


By that I mean I use jab and side-smash to push people away :wink:

seriously though, zelda can do a lot more than be annoying

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rate my freinds mains

young link

Cast him into the flames and hold him down

freinds pluaral

…wow that sounds horrible


ehhhh, it depends a lot on how they play YL but probably disgusting (YL can be pretty sick though)

disgusting probably idk who plays villager

mario is pretty honest i cant judge that

I mained villager in smash 4

He’s disgusting :upside_down_face:

i didnt play smash 4

i played melee

im a boomer