The Sound of Sike! [SANDBOX] [Announcement]

Boom! Slice of Life…
School Life!

Get Ready Everyone!

Oh Hell No!
Who would go for a School RP?
Only fools wo-

Don’t be so sure!

Man… things sure are boring… I want my homework done you-

Hey… seriously? Haven’t you’ve heard of a sandbox? Just disappear already, can you.

Whatever you want to be! The goddess shall sign her favour onto you! That is, if you want your character to survive without losing their very selves, be prepared to suffer, and fight for the things you hold dear.

No, you do not have to physically fight. You can be a Barbarian if you want, but make sure to clarify in your character’s backstory the reason why you have a certain amount of skills.

Wait… but this world is absolutely empty. There is nothing in this world. Not even a speck of dust, no one to communicate with. And definitely not enough information of the gods.

“Sky is Sky! Fly towards your dreams!”

Will there be fairies? Will there be demons? Will there be angry officials waving giant berets around and about? Or people living in a giant volcano?

Hmm… I’m sure there’s something here… but I can’t figure what exactly.

“Roleplay? Is it… really fun?” A young child once asked to the cat in front of her. The cat purred, looking at the young child with expectant eyes, and turned into the hollow tree log and ran inside. The young child followed… and…

The more questionable a person is, the more unpredictable they become. So, why on Earth is Shurian doing this?

Why am I writing this? Wait, I know why… Well… my characters will only look on in confusion. How about your characters?

How much RP experience can you bring to a sandbox? What can you do and can’t you do?

Let us explore…

Ahem. No supernatural stuff, sadly. Gotta drag myself back to reality after all the Trails of Cold Steel games I’ve played…

Ba da dum dee dee dum do do.

“Maybe… the best things in life are the smallest of things…”

“I miss roleplaying… When will I be able to go back…?”

Coming Soon…


I am so confused that I have no questions

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ba dum tstststs

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What in the hell…?

i in as the mastermind

my characters are written by me and thusly are completely random and do completely random things with no motivation and create gadgets out of thin air (like henry stickmin), and thusly will relate

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either that or my characters are literally just me and/or my friends

Eli roleplaying? Pog

i used to do minecraft roleplays literally all the time
they were great but extremely stupid

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actually they weren’t anime
let me explain you the story of a server called PartyZone

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No I mean that’s what I roleplay usually

oh ok

i’m going to explain it anyways

I’m a huge nerd


Confused Noises


Shurian, what is your plan?

once upon a time there was a minecraft server called PartyZone
and in this server, their most popular gamemode was creative.
of course, the most popular thing in creative ended up being the roleplays.
there were all kinds of roleplays, varying from “highschool/camp” rp to “no particular theme but has great builds and great players” rps
of course the latter was extremely rare, as the most popular was the highschool/camp roleplays, which usually had extremely simple builds and horrible players
(by horrible players i mean their characters are literally just mary sues, and also “kills you” actions and insists that you are dead if you refuse to die were a common trope among these players)
i got into these roleplays as soon as i found the server
of course not the popular ones. those, as i mentioned, were unenjoyable
i ended up building my own roleplay (with the help of my brother who did all the actual building), and buying their highest rank, ELITE+. (it was like 100$ and it was the only minecraft rank that i can say it was the only rank i’ve ever bought that i didn’t fully regret)
it was a medieval themed roleplay. i have great memories of that server, and great memories of online friends.
moving on
the server was constantly declining, as it had spaghetti code and it’s only gamemode that would attract players ended up being on Hypixel. (murder mystery)
eventually, due to “religious reasons” (it’s more complicated than that but still religious) i left the server.
i don’t know the fate of PartyZone today, or if it’s still alive
although last i checked it had a consistent 10 players at peak time.

side note there were “HvS” roleplays (hybrid versus scientists) that always had like 2 scientists and like 7 stupidly op hybrids (they’re basically SCPs if you’re wondering)
also when i looked up HvS i got scarred for life. because i was like, 9 or 10
side note again i also specifically remember applying for discord staff as soon as i turned 11. and then they upped the age to 13 because loldiscordtos
and yes, i had discord before i was 13. but i’m 13 now so they can’t ban me >:)


that was
longer than i thought