The Traveller (Neutral Special)

The Traveller is a neutral character that spawns with an allegiance to either good OR evil. They must win with their assigned faction. They appear as not suspicious to all investigations, and appear as S/I to princess. They matchmake compatible with everyone.

Passive: Slippery character - The Traveller cannot be executed on the stand unless they are the sole remaining member of the faction they are assigned. They may be put up for execution, but they will not be executed at the end, no matter the votes. Trials will be over for the day if there’s a failed execution.

Passive - Mind your manners - If killed at night, the offending faction will not be able to use their abilities the following day IF the Traveller was aligned with their faction.

Day Ability - Tall Tales - Select a player. That player’s accusations and votes will not count for the day. Cannot pick the same player twice in a game.

Night Ability - Palaver - You invite a player to sit at your table for the night. They will be unaffected by all abilities except for those that bypass (essentially the same as being imprisoned by the Prince). The invited player will still be able to perform their own night action. Cannot target the same player more than once in a Match.

The Traveller adds a true wildcard. Courts can verify if the character really is a Traveller by attempting to execute them on the stand. They can be killed at night, but factions must actually deduce the nature of the Traveller before doing so. This adds a unique character who can be confirmed through mechanical means, but whose allegiance is variable and requires deduction to determine.

The first time a member of a faction attempts to attack the Traveller, they will be informed that something made them rethink it, much like a Sorc receives. This prevents losing abilities due to N1 kills and gives an indicator that a Traveller is in play. If a neutral with a killing power attacks the Traveller, all neutrals with attacks will be notified that an attack was aborted.

uses pls


just rename it to
Passive: No

Make it a one-use?

Honestly, I didn’t put uses because I’m not sure where the balance point would lie. In my head, this is a wildcard character that needs to be felt out eventually, with no easy way to get around him. The feeling is that it gets confirmed fairly early and can then be put off til mindgame or a little later, but demands people really think about it before acting, as hitting him wrong late game can lose you the game.

if an evil aligned traveler spawns with a sellsword and EK that means that there’s voting parity on D2 if the n1 convert hits im pretty sure

im too lazy to actually math it but this feels very swingy already

also does “evil” win with NK or does this neut just hate the NK


its mechanically confirmable in the worst way and just… annoying

the only application where i think this could be interesting is an evil aligned traveller getting themselves executed to waste an execute but why does it just not kill them

this is a very valid strategy as a scumsiding neut why does this one just live


this is silly

you are being punished for killing someone who is not your alignment, but just happens to be aligned with you

we don’t punish scum for killing sellswords

also, using social deduction in ToL is a thing a lot of players don’t do enough for this dynamic to be interesting enough to make up for said downsides

this is super strong on a scum traveler lategame

said scum traveler cannot safely be killed at night until the rest of the wolves are dead, and cannot be killed in the day

and its also confirmable

this is worded weird but from my understanding it seems to be a merc guard on steroids

i don’t think this fits the class well but it exists and gives this class a function

its also really strong but thats irrelevant

also, using social deduction in ToL is a thing a lot of players don’t do enough for this dynamic to be interesting enough to make up for said downsides

oh and this just makes killing it at night even harder for no real reason

like i get the idea, if you stab this randomly N1 and get punished thats stupid

but if it’s D3, the confirmed traveler is being scummy, and you stab them N3

why are they immune to it

this class is such an annoyance to get rid of

its like how pretender was

you know they’re real and you want them dead but it’s so much WORK to kill it

and everybody hated that

yes, pret had other problems

but this class walks up, tells everybody they’re a specific class that may or may not punish you if you kill it, and does fuck all because court won’t waste time killing it

its a worse alchemist in this regard given how people treat alchs

tldr: this class sounds so absolutely annoying to play against and doesn’t really seem to have a real purpose, while the only interesting thing about it doesn’t really work in ToL imo

the dynamic feels a bit like what king is supposed to be

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King exists.

i kind of forgot about that when writing my post

but the most interesting potential dynamic of this class is already a thing king does


Definitely understand the king angle, though this one is somewhat different in that you can’t simply exe it and replace it. It certainly can be stabbed at night, you just have to be sure it’s an enemy when you do, or do it early when it won’t hurt as much.

I think a wording got missed. It can be killed at night by any faction except neutral. It can only be exed on the stand if it’s the last one of its faction.

The lack of social deduction vs mechanical is pretty much the reason for this character. It’s supposed to encourage more social deduction.

Also, appreciate the feedback.

it just sounds like… even if you’re very sure they’re evil (as BD) or good (as evil), they’re still way more effort to kill than is necessary

which is my problem with it

you can’t kill it during the day for 90% of the game, and it’s hard to kill during the night

i get this, i just don’t think this is the right path for the goal

Hamfisting social deduction as a necessary requirement to deal with a character seems like a really poor reason to implement said character. No offense.

You also didn’t answer how this character works with NK. Can it be true neutral or is it always just BD or Cultseen?

Also this is basically Unseen’s 4th possible member or Cult’s 5th member. As Katze mentions the voting parity with EK, evil Traveler and Sellsword with a NK-kill, Assa-kill and MM-convert is a 6 - vs - 7 BD - vs - NK. Factor in a 3rd neut and Unseen has majority D2 - actually screw that, the traveler can invalidate one player’s voting, Unseen has majority D2 with EK, Evil traveler and evil Neut. Get Prince and NK out and game over.
It’s a hell of a risk to take to try to gather that info, but it can very quickly swing the game decisively into Unseen’s favor with little to no counter play.

And the traveler has no reason to not out if they belong to evils because they cannot be punished for it. They can be OCC’d or jailed but they cannot be executed before the entire faction is dealt with. So If an evil traveler appears, the EK will immediately look for a way to slam-exe a BD person and show his colors to the court and with Unseen following up the next day, they’ll secure voting majority with a 2-for-1 and get rid of Prince. NK cannot kill the Traveler it seems either, so there’s literally no risk involved in this character. Actually the Assassin could whisper to the Traveler in the last few seconds of the day to ensure his 2-for-1 goes through with the Traveler’s Merc Guard-on-Steroids.

You may as well call this character Deity as they die last, once their devotees are slain.

Lets take an example:
Assuming: EK and Evil Traveler
D1 - Evil traveler reveals themselves
N1 - Assa kills one BD/neut, NK kills one BD/neut, MM converts a BD.
That’s 5 Unseen - vs - 8 BD/neuts - vs - NK
D2 - EK slam-exe a BD/neut during claim train
N2 - Assa makes 2-for-1 on 2 BD/neuts, NK kills one BD/neut
D3 - That’s 5 Unseen - vs. - 5 BD/neuts - vs. - NK

If there is just 1 neut at D3, Unseen can broker majority. Prince cannot have exe’d anyone yet. NK don’t know who Unseen is by N2 - except for Evil Traveler (who they cannot attack) and EK (who they cannot kill while they use Guards). BD has to rely on hitting heals/delays, Hunter Bear or Knight Def to not lose by D3. To me that’s ridiculous that that is even a possibility.

You cannot have a character with borderline zero risk. And messing with the Cultseen numbers, especially with the existence of EK seems like a recipe for disaster.

I’m not sure balance changes will be enough to reign in this character while still giving it a purpose.

I don’t mean to cause offense, but it doesn’t seem like you’ve thought the ramifications of implementing this character through.

I’m not gonna repeat what everyone said about being borderline impossible to remove, but how is this neutral. I think it’s ok, if you remove “lol escape fate on steroids” and king 2.0.