The Trickster (Unique Neutral Offensive)

win-con: there must be 4 or less players alive by the end of the game (you do not have to be alive).

Can’t stop the fun: Death immune for one attack, plus Immune to occupy and redirect abilities
Last Trick: If you are formally executed pick a player they die at the end of the night unless healed.

Day abilities:
Mess With: Force target player to vote another player (Cannot be used on king but can be used to vote king) uses 3
Explosive Buddy: target a player at the end of the night the buddy will explode killing the player unless they are healed uses 1

Night abilities:
Trick: target player will see a message that you chose along with/instead of their normal feedback (i.e. attacked and healed, redirected, death immune etc) uses infinite
Confuse: Redirect target player they will not know they have been redirected uses 3


This seems unnecessary, as it makes it harder to reach 4 alive players.

This could actually replace fool.

How do the night abilities advance the wincon though?

The point of the class is to deny BD information through the use of his night abilities allowing evils to pick off the BD. Also it can have player pop up with wrong logs either getting someone else or themselves executed.

And also for the Death Immune its meant so he can get executed formally more often than accidently get killed by evils N1. kind of to match other neutrals in the same category as it.

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