The Unseen Rework 1.11

The Mastermind (Unseen Special)
Can’t Touch This (Passive) -Immune to death at night and bleeding. Will appear as member of the Blue Dragon to all investigative abilities for the first 3 nights.
Apprentice (Passive) - If you die your oldest Unseen will take you place *starting Mastermind only.
Lacerate (Day) - Cause target player to bleed, Will be disabled if you have a Assassin, shares uses with Assassin - 3 Uses
Convert (Night) - Convert someone into a member of the Unseen. - Infinite.
Orders (Night) - Target a member of the unseen, including yourself to kill someone, Will fail if Assassin attacks. - Infinite

The Assassin (Unseen Killer)
Previous Job (Passive) - The Assassin will start with a random non-unique class that they may become, or they will become their OG convert.
Lacerate (Day) - Cause target player to bleed - 3 Uses
Distract (Day) - Silence the target player for 20 seconds - 3 Uses
Assassinate (Night) - Kill the targeted player - Infinite.
Intimidate (Night) - Occupy the targeted Player, You will gain occupy Immunity if not already for this night - 3 Uses. [Debateable]
*All Converts/assassins have a box next to the suicide button that will automatically Convert the Assassin back to their unseen class or Assassin at the end of Phases.

Extra Info:

  • 2 Unseen using their ability to become Assassin, Oldest one has priority all unseen get a message if that player is changing their class to become an Assassin or their convert.
  • Exhumes from the Unseen will show up as “A assassin” even when another unseen is killing.
  • Classes like Timesnatcher are getting reworked (ideas) some other Unseen members I wanna talk about too.
    The Ordered target gets feedback on the attack
  • Redirection, Occupation and Following type of visits will always count as the ordered player doing the action the Masterminds orders cannot be occupied unless the Mastermind is killing
  • Assassin will be told their previous class at the start of day one "You were a ____ You may change back to that class.

I’m thinking about giving Assassin a Offensive night ability or something that could work if you don’t want to change back but your Mastermind can order for you to do the killing.


Can’t Touch This: So you lose DI and Bleed Immunity after N3?
Apprentice: idk
Lacerate: cool
Convert: normal
Order: A Noble or Duchess has ordered the execution of Soulshade!

busy so me do assassin later

Nah you lose invest immunity after n3.

Mainly Assassins aren’t required for Unseen to function and MM doesn’t need dirty work to kill.

Also lets say your mm got a N1 convert, You could promote yourself to your starting convert class Instead of being Assassin all game.

Assassin becomes a backup killer if MM needs to convert, all unseen classes can select themselves to become Assassin (if two do it oldest one gets priority)

tbh i like that, i never get fun unseen converts :pensive:

wait what about timesnatcher, 2f1 was bonked in your suggestion

Rework it :stuck_out_tongue:

2f1 is good to have, because it provides more uncertainty over number of nightkills making it harder for deaths to prove anything. Otherwise I like it.

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I kind of find it a bit boring and bland as a ability aka instead of killing one you get two. (I see your point though)

I find this rework makes unseen more fun and claims like Butler, Cw, Obs ect. Won’t be automatically trusted

I also kinda wanna talk about a eradicate nerf tbf cult while good doesn’t need to be overall nerfed I just like the idea of cult being the more convert based faction still, I guess buffing cult in other ways may seem good but KPN is very important to evils.

I understand what this does, but this could probably be worded better. Something like “Immune to death at night and bleeding. Will appear as member of the Blue Dragon to all investigative abilities for the first 3 nights.”

Wrong spelling
Also giving Mastermind Lacerate is really wierd…

Forgot to put uses

Forgot to put uses

Wording was a little wierd… ngl, but also this kinda feels a little too RNG-like… imagine if OG Assassin got Enforcer… or got stuck with something like Handmaiden…

Giving Assassin Foresight is a little wierd, considering that they are mainly a killer class…

Hmm this is interesting and I do like the concept. However, this does actually feel quite strong. Unseen can already now kill with Assassin in jail, and allowing 2/3 of the Unseen to switch their class at will is definitely gonna make Unseen quite strong.

My suggestions:

  • Combine Foresight and Convert into one ability. I like Foresight, but honestly I don’t think Assassin is the one who needs it. Alternatively, we could also give Duchess a stronger version of Foresight that also tells class typing if target is.

  • I would remove Lacerate from Mastermind. Anyone can become Assassin anyways, so Mastermind doesn’t really need it other than to kill when they can’t convert anyone… but like the only classes that happens is King, Prince and Neutrals, and they can all kill you before the bleed kills them

  • I like the concept of converts switching back to their OG classes, but giving the entire Unseen the ability to do that is swingy I would say. I would prefer if Mastermind was giving a day ability that could instead do such things. For example “Dirty Work (Day) - Target member of the Unseen becomes the Assassin at the start of the night, or if they are already the Assassin, turn them back to their original Unseen class - X Uses”

Those are my thoughts about this for now. I did actually have a similar idea before…

yeah I can reword that

can’t be used while theirs a current assassin and shares uses with the assassins


Kinda similar to the cult where it’s more of problem with Handmaiden I actually was going to add convert buffs ect.

yeah this makes sense

I like the Idea of Assassin being more of sub-class needing



Neutral on I rather the player decide if they switch back personally and I don’t think people need to depend on lol mech.