The Werewolf [Neutral Offensive]

The Werewolf

Neutral offensive
Passive: lycanthropy - You are immune to death once and are permanently framed. You know if a player dies due to bleeding

Day Ability: Maul - Bleed target player. They will die in 2 nights. (Unlimited. 1 Day cooldown)

Night Ability 1: Howl - Redirect target player to you (Unlimited)
Night Ability 2: Scent - If target player has visited a bleeding player this game, you will learn their class (2 uses)

Live to see 2 players bleed to death



How would Scent be useful?

Finding healers, killers and investigatives.

Healers so you can keep them off bleeding targets.
Killers and invests so you can avoid them.

I feel like in the current meta it wouldn’t be that helpful

I’m not sure why a killer or invest would visit someone who was bled.

and thus you are far more likely to find a healer rather than the other 2.

At best you confirm a claim as the actual deal. But with 2 use and the ongoing open claim meta, this is just… why?

I’m open to suggestions

Since this class gets countered by healer spawns, maybe something that disrupts them? Mass occ, unhealability, etc.

His primary ability already disrupts known healers and I’m trying to avoid letting him disrupt a healer he doesn’t know the identity of for difficulty purposes

I must say I kinda feel icky about Neutrals who focuses on killing. There’s already Cultseen + NK and only 8-9 BD depending on 2 or 3 neuts. Obviously the Werewolf could bleed Cultseen out as well but it feels like any game with a Werewolf just puts a lot more pressure on BD. With only Assassin/CL bleeding, a single healer can potentially keep up. Otherwise people will just die to bleeding a lot faster.

Additionally bleeding is very hit’n’miss depending on the amount of phys’es/alchs. I think with the bleed ability with a day’s cooldown it may also become a struggle for the Werewolf to actually win. And the win condition is to live to see two players die to bleed.

The Scent ability seems a bit strange - it can obviously be used to make healers redirect to you to ensure they wont heal the bleed, but that’s also pretty much spilling the beans then and there. Invokers can use this interaction to incriminate a BD but I think most of the time people will catch on to the Werewolf rather quickly - if nothing else when there’s more bleeds per day than should be.

Also what’s the use of being permanently framed? You naturally appear Killer/Offensive to Flirt (with frame you appear Special/Invest), you appear incompatible to Matchmake with BD (framed doesn’t change this). Only exception is Sheriff/Paladin finding you as Cultseen. Oh and apparently also showing you visiting a killed target for Observer - forgot that last one.

I’m not sure what this is supposed to do for you other than make it extremely unlikely that you’ll live to see your win condition through to the end.

Also this class has no good way to confirm themselves. They can claim Drunk that debs to themselves, but that just seems weird if you do that to supports all the time and makes you look like a SS. If you do it to invests it might just be the end of the road with a framed result. You might make NK/Assassin attack into you. I get you have one night of DI, but then you’re a goner next time.

I would not enjoy getting this class, and neither see it in a lobby.

I suppose the entire idea you meant for this class is to focus around bleeding?

What if the Werewolf didn’t take much of an active part in bleeding targets but merely had a supportive subtheme to bleeds?