The Zealot [Neutral Support]

The Zealot

Neutral Support

Devoted: At the start of the game a random player is chosen as your Devotion. You will die if you don’t have a Devotion for more than 1 night.
The Ordeal: As long as your starting Devotion is alive, you will have the same passives as them.

Piety (3 uses): Grant your Devotion the passives of another player until the next day.
Blasphemy (1 use): Pick a new player as your Devotion. You will lose your Ordeal passive.

Dogma (3 use): Give your Devotion Death Immunity for the night and make them appear as Blue Dragon for investigative classes. This ability gets disabled if you lose your Ordeal passive.
Extremism (1 use): Occupy and kill a player that accused your Devotion the previous day.

Win condition: Have your Devotion survive.

Assassin Devotion

Hunter Devotion

are both


that exist

weird way to spell Astromancer

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Yes. Maybe not Apprentice, but yes.

retribution interactions are still a little weird

it basically seems like contract merc that interacts with passives

overall I dunno how to feel

imagine randomly becoming mastermind as Zealot lmao

Sounds like contract merc

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you’re able to reactively pick someone if that side is about to lose
doesn’t that go against the point of something like this

That’s contract merc. If you get screwed over by rng, you can select a new target
I remember some questionable plays about getting your first contract exed just to contract prince tho

The wording of the day ability seems to allow you to change contract while your original contract is still alive
which is my main point of contention

There’s also the issue of the kit not having real cohesion
Outside of maybe a couple examples, the ‘passive copying’ mechanic is…mostly pointless?

I suppose the strat would be copying death immune passives to protect your target, but at that point, what’s the point to the protection


As a general rule of thumb, Neutral Angels aren’t that fun to play, so balance entirely aside I’d need you to first sell me on the question of “why”.

Idk why you think that, but contract merc has a huge popularity in tol

Contract merc is dead for a reason :man_shrugging:

Hopefully it comes back
Which reason?

If I remember correctly (I might not but I’m sure a dev would have explained it in the Discord at the time) it was part of a large update that made Neutrals much more Neutral

Because Contract Merc is just added swing, not truly Neutral

Good that swing is nothing inherently bad

That’s a matter of proportion really.

Nothing is inherently bad about a lot of things that are absolutely bad in sufficiently large quantities.

Plus, that’s not the only reason the class got completely reworked - just the main one I remember the devs focusing on.

Ultimately, you can try to argue with the devs through me, but I really don’t speak for them so :man_shrugging:

Nah not arguing, just looking for the reasons of the change. Patch 1.2; August 2018…

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