[THREAD 1] Homestuck FM - The Battleship (Year 1) [6/8]

Homestuck Forum Mafia: Beyond the Fourth Wall

Hosted by @clonedcheese

Reviewed by @sulit

Looking for co-hosts and/or VC bots

Read Homestuck here


If you don’t wanna read there’s a dubbed version linked below

There are still a few characters I haven’t killed yet. I almost forgot about them.


This is a closed setup, i.e. there is no rolelist or classcard list. You will each receive a class card in dms with unique abilities and flavour.

The mafia will communicate in a private message on the forums.

Days night cycles are 48/24.

The execution is majority and EoD plurality.

Although claiming is not explicitly banned, there will be mechanics that will disadvantage those that do. Flavor is almost strictly AI, and anti-town characters will be given a fakeclaim.

There may or may not be conversion in the game.

There may or may not be tailoring and/or framing effects in this game.

There are at least 2 factions in the game. Those two factions are listed in the example class cards below.

There may or may not be dead interaction in this game. Dead players may choose to become a VC bot.

Your class card, the OP, host announcements and player flips will not lie to you on purpose.

Example Class Cards:

This is the general format of all class cards:

Example town

Andrew Hussie

Town Storyteller

The host of the game.
Creator of Homestuck (Passive) - If you are executed, you will leak information about the town.
Modkill (Day) - If target player posts in the wrong thread, you will modkill them, bypassing everything. Not usuable starting D3. [Infinite Uses]
Log Night Actions (Night) - Target a player, you will add their night action to the spreadsheet. [Infinite Uses]
Goal: Defeat the Mafia while getting the game to be not canned.

Example Mafia

E-boy Hussie

Mafia Storyteller

The host of the game.
Creator of Homestuck (Passive) - If you are executed, you will leak information about the mafia.
Modkill (Day) - If target player posts in the wrong thread, you will modkill them, bypassing everything. Not usuable starting D3. [Infinite Uses]
Log Night Actions (Night) - Target a player, you will add their night action to the spreadsheet. [Infinite Uses]
Goal: Overpower the Town while getting the game to be not canned.

2 Threads!

Day 1 and Day 2 will be carried out in 2 separate threads. You may only speak and act to people within your own thread. Speaking in the other thread at any point will result in a modkill. It is allowed to speak about the other thread, but you may never post in them. Imagine each thread as a spectator chat for the other. There may or may not be roles that can influence the other thread - this will be explicitly listed in your rolecard.


ITA’s are present in this game and are called “strife”s. To strife against a player, simply type /strife [player] during any time in the day, and ping the hosts. There is a base chance of 15% to kill the target, but be careful! There is also a 5% chance, independent of whether you kill or not, that you will die.


Follow the global forum rules.

Don’t discuss this game outside of host-sanctioned threads/private messages.

Please be respectful to all players.

Don’t weaponise the host.

Please do not use big text, it is reserved for the host.

Do not edit or delete posts. Quickedits for grammar, typos, and/or readability will be allowed, but any edit of content will be modkilled.

Do not quote host private messages.

Do not gamethrow. This includes anything that goes against your stated win condition.

If you do not post for 36 hours, you will be prodded for inactivity. If you do not respond within a further 12 hours, you will be forced to replace out.

Any activity tells or discussing of alts will receive newspaper to head :angry:


To accuse a player, bold your message and type /vote [player] or /accuse [player], and ping the hosts. Any vote that do not ping the hosts will be void.

Should majority be reached on a player, they will be executed and the day finishes early.

Should no majority be reached, plurality will take effect and the player with the most votes at the end of the day will be executed, ending the day. In the case of a tie, no executions will occur.

In this game, there is no option for a “No Execution” starting day 3. Instead, to not eliminate any players in the game, you may vote to execute the host. If the host is executed through a plurality vote at the end of the day, information about members of the host’s alignment will appear in the main thread. If the host is hammered by a majority, this information will be given only to the hammerer in their rolecard. The host’s alignment will be randomized with probability equal to that of the composition of the game at the start of each day.


There are no logs in this game, although cat pics would be nice :stuck_out_tongue:

Feedback List:

Feedback is kept to a minimum.



Super Secret!!


Go wild lmao
Designated moderator is @DatBird

Other Notes:

If every player wishes the skip the night, the night will be skipped. Type /skip night or something in your rolecard.

this is the host’s first ever setup
be nice
might be stupid throughout game

Player List:

Thread 1 (this thread)

  1. Mist1422

  2. Hammerman

  3. Appelsiini

  4. Wazza Yeeted D1

  5. PokemonKidRyan

  6. Simon

  7. Geyde

  8. Apprentice Left D2

Thread 2
  1. Centuries

  2. An_gorta_pratai

  3. Ash4fun

  4. mathmods

  5. KyoDaz

  6. Leafia

  7. Mode shifter

  8. Zone_Q11

  9. fourfourfourfour

  10. oB_L1ght


  1. Marshal
  2. Chloe
  3. TheBlueElixir


  1. Jane (Uninformed)
  2. Icibalus (Informed)
  3. Sulit (Informed)
  4. Astand
  5. Italy (Informed)
  6. Amelia (Informed)

Useful links:

Voting for Event 1


  1. Homestuck Dubbing (most of it): large playlist
  2. Homestuck Recaps, for the first half: Recap 1 Recap 2 Recap 3
  3. Homestuck Wiki: https://mspaintadventures.fandom.com/wiki/Homestuck

Battleship - Year 1


JOHN: where are we?
JADE: im not sure!
JADE: some sort of limbo dimension between the two walls i guess
JADE: like a realm with unusual spatial properties we have to cross through

Having just escaped the scratch, you race across the yellow yard in a Prospitian battleship. It will be three long years before you meet your friends travelling on the meteor…

The first year on the Battleship begins. The year will end 2020-07-08T15:00:00Z.


You may begin talking. You may choose to execute 1 player today.


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This two threads thing is weird

hello yall

sup nerds

I’m probably mostly going to stick to this thread and occasionally read the other thread and make reads based off that

Do both threads individualy have an exe or what


The phrase starting a game as town is weird

Why not just say first game as town?

i believe so

Our thread is boring

and hello to all you party people on the other thread!

it was doomed this way since I joined

I see

Thanks for the info

do keep in mind, we are not separate games!
keeping track of the other thread is important!

Why are so many games beginning at once?

For what it’s worth

I joined this thread because I had a godread that a certain flavor would be here, and I was right

Unfortunately, I did not roll that flavor


How do you know it’s here then…?

not 100% but it’s very obvious given the flavor

also light used gamzee’s typing quirk he’s outed @ other thread