[THREAD 1] Homestuck FM - The Battleship (Year 1) [6/8]


well that’s gamer

you know what I got no sleep I can’t process things

/vote NoYeet @clonedcheese

marshal pings cheese 500 times while trying to figure out how things work

The other thread is probably just watching us in dissappointment lmao

you people (other thread people) are nerds btw

get ultragamered

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i looked up “gamer moment” for an image to post

boy was that a mistake

This is their punishment for quick hammering

I just did too

well gamers

specifcally hammerguy

u in with the noyeet or do you wanna go somewhere else

I would prefer it over Simon if those are my only options

But I would rather Execute PKR

I would make a case on PKR but I don’t have time and I’m still tired

I might vote him with a good case but rn I don’t find him all that wolfy

I mean I don’t either per say

But he and less so but still so mist are the people I don’t find particularly towny either


i disagree

but there’s 2 minutes, not enough time for a case

shall we join together in no-yeet for now because we all (or I) procrastinated and did nothing instead of reading the game

also looks like cheese is asleep

just uh

don’t post after day end ig


Day is over I think

if u talk ur looser

ok nerd

Wait, isn’t it at 8pm?

I mean in an hour

Day is over, stop talking.

host did not wake up in time


Voted Voters Votes
PKR Hammerman 1/4
NoYeet Mist1422, Marshal 2/4

Nobody has been executed!

The night will end when all players have locked in their night actions




No entries were made to the event.


The prize has disappeared!

…Moderror #1

I missed a submission ;-;

The following was submitted by Simon:

homestuck movie, with as much of a dedication to detail as possible, except for the fact that its in 255p (not 240p), with shitty jpeg popups. as well, theres a 20 minute flashback dedicated to a :heart::crescent_moon::rainbow: Leprechaun Romance sub-plot

Because there were no other submissions, Simon has won the event!

Prize soon to come

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Night has ended.

…host kinda woke up later than expected.

Processing actions now.